What is the smallest cat in the world

Small breeds of cats

The smallest cat in the world, the Singapura, is truly a dwarf among house tigers with an average shoulder height of 20 cm. But as with all cats, you have to earn their love first.

In addition, despite their growing popularity, small cats are still exotic in German households. If you choose a small cat, then you are bringing something very special into the house.

Small cats also need a lot of activity

Small cats are agile bundles of energy that you have to keep busy. It is therefore recommended that your little cat has one or more playmates and plenty of opportunities to climb, do gymnastics and run around.

Small cats only through certified breeders

As with all animal breeds bred for delicacy, however, you should make sure that your little cat does not stay too small. Exaggerated miniature breeding is considered torture breeding, because these cats often have severe health problems. So it is advisable to contact certified breeders who are more focused on the health of the animals than on profit when purchasing.

In addition, care is taken with respectable breeding to avoid inbreeding in order to avoid genetic diseases such as immune deficiencies.

Particularly in extremely small breeds like the Singapura, careful attention should be paid to the bone structure, muscles and weight. An adult Singapura weighing at least 2.5 kilograms is more likely to be less likely to be affected by the health risks of artificially dwarfing cats that remain small.

However, special consideration for the health of the animal does not only apply to cats that remain small, but it is generally advisable to consult a veterinarian when purchasing a new animal. In this way you can counteract potential damage and you will enjoy your little cat for a long time.

Individual characteristics

Furthermore, you should inform yourself in advance about the individual characteristics that small cat breeds bring with them. For example, the black Bombay cat is very peaceful and affectionate. But that also means that she potentially suffers from the absence of the owner or a playmate.

The Devon Rex, on the other hand, is very lively and needs a lot of activity. Thanks to its curly fur, it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

The small Ceylon cat is very sociable and is very tolerant of conspecifics and other pets. However, she is also very lively and needs enough opportunities to live out her thirst for action.