How does time work in Star Wars

Time calculation

Seconds, hours, months and years are based on the planet Coruscant.

Standard time

Galactic Standard Time is the current time on Coruscant, which is used as the time throughout the galaxy. Times always include the local time and time on Coruscant.

The standard seconds result in minutes and hours, which in turn form days. But these are different depending on the planet. By circling a star, the number of hours in a local day or the number of days in a local year can vary greatly.

Time calculation

  • However, as thousands of different timescales developed throughout the galaxy, a reform was carried out in 35 VSY, commonly known as the Great Calibration, with the current year being set as the new zero point.
  • During the Clone Wars, Days after geonosis expected. This time was mainly used for historical information on battles.
  • At the time of the Galactic Empire, in Years before the empire was founded (PI (pre-imperial calendar)) and Years after the empire was founded (I) calculated. This era began with the year 19 VSY and used that year as the zero point.
  • After the founding of the New Republic, a new time calculation system was reintroduced, which used the Battle of Yavin with the destruction of the first Death Star as the zero point, this happened accordingly in the year 25 NSY. This system has also established itself in reality as a general timekeeping system. In this system, years are labeled VSY and NSY.


The standard time in Starwars-Universe corresponds to our real time measurement (earthly) and is based on Coruscant. The duration of a second on Coruscant is defined in the same way as the duration of a real second. Therefore, all time units in the star-Wars-Universe, as well as the hour, the same duration as the respective counterpart in reality.

To classify the events A new hope taken as a fixed point of the calendar, as Episode IV is the zero point in the history of the Star Wars saga.

The years appear in the format:

  • X VSY: X years in front the battle of Yavin
    • X BBY: X years before battle of Yavin (English abbreviation)
  • X NSY: X years to the battle of Yavin
    • X ABY: X years nach battle of Yavin (English abbreviation)

A new hope plays 0 VSY in the third month of the year. The year after the destruction of the First Death Star is called 0 NSY.


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