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Red is the color of love and life in most cultures and religions. a symbol of the power of blood. According to Greek mythology, it is dedicated to the Roman god of war Mars. In many Asian cultures, such as China, the red plays an important role at festivals, because red is the color of joy and prosperity.

At Chinese weddings, the bride wears bright red clothes and red is also the preferred color for table decorations. Both the invitation cards and the guest book are in red. On the page Traditional Wedding in Red you will find some pictures of a Chinese wedding with accompanying text. The menu cards are also in red and at the wedding banquet itself, for example, Peking duck (because of its red color) and a sweet red bean soup as a dessert are recommended dishes.

In India, red is the color of purity and joy at the same time. The dominant color of women's wedding sarees is red, this applies equally to Hindus and Sikhs, and the husband sprinkles red powder on the woman's hair after the wedding as a sign of belonging to his wife.

During the ceremonies of the Hindu festival Ganesh Chaturthi, which have 16 sections, the statue of the elephant-headed god Ganesha, the god of wisdom, is rubbed with red sandalwood paste, red and yellow flowers are offered to him, and he is given a red robe.

At Raksha Bandhan, another Hindu festival, sisters give their brothers gold and red amulet ribbons to protect them against misfortune.

Red lanterns first guide the souls of the dead at the Japanese Obon festival home and then back into the world of spirits.

In Christianity, red is one of the liturgical colors that can be seen at all festivals in churches that refer to the Holy Spirit, such as Pentecost. Red is also the recommended color for confirmations.

In European calendars, holidays are marked with red. This custom of adding this color to special days may come from pre-Christian times. Au, Franziska von Au writes in her book Peasant Rules and Natural Wisdom that the days of death of the Germanic heroes were marked in red in the runic calendar.

Even among the Roma, red is the dominant color at funerals. It is the color of life and is seen as protection against evil spirits of the dead.

For the Akan in Ghana, red is one of the colors of mourning. Dark red clothes, as seen in this picture of a funeral, are worn at funerals.


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