What are the slogans for yellow journalism

Journalism in the Corona CrisisPlease no appeals!

No question about it: the situation is serious. That thousands of people with corona have died worldwide and probably many more will die. That is a fact and it is definitely worth reporting - to make it clear to everyone what it is all about at the moment: that the corona virus is a serious threat.

Nevertheless, as a journalist I am stunned by the fact that some of my colleagues fall out of place. How they limit themselves to simply reproducing the statements of the leading politicians one to one - without classification, without critical questions, without using their journalistic craft.

Lots of unasked questions

The current order is announced - and not discussed further. There are really a number of questions: Is a ban on contact or a de facto shutdown really the right answer? What about the medium-term and long-term consequences of the measures adopted? What about older people who can now hardly be cared for, people who are now lonely, who will lose their job or have already lost it, who are mentally ill or are about to become one? How long should playgrounds, schools and day-care centers remain closed without harming children, parents and society? What would be helpful immediate measures for our health system - and would this have to be changed permanently?

Media maker as a warning

All of this is discussed in the media, but by no means in the necessary breadth. Instead, some media makers even take on the role of warning and recommending action themselves. A particularly bitter example from my media journalistic perspective is a video from the public radio station WDR2. In the video, several moderators have their say under the slogan "A request from WDR2: Follow the rules". "If we don't completely change our everyday life immediately, then the health system will collapse," it says, for example, or "We only have this one chance!"

Such statements leave me at a loss. Because I don't see any journalism in it, no restraint, no neutrality. In addition, such fatalistic statements only unsettle.

For the sake of fairness, it should be said that something similar can also be heard and read elsewhere. For example, many newspapers printed a full-page advertisement at the weekend. In large letters it says "We'll stay at home". It is very questionable whether strict staying at home is really that good for mental and physical health.

Information and expert classification

And from my point of view it is also questionable whether the media should really become an actor at this point. Even in wars and conflicts, journalists should not allow themselves to be captured. And even with Corona, embedded journalism is not appropriate - especially since I do not want to be taught by the media.

What I would like on the other hand - and what fortunately can already be found in many places: sober information, expert classification, asking critical questions, sometimes articulating doubts - or of what we just don't know yet. Journalists should therefore not join a corona campaign, but simply do their job.