How and should I find a girlfriend

Find a girlfriend: 23 tips on how you can meet and inspire great women!

Many men have been single for years and feel lonely. I know that all too well myself from the time I didn't have a steady relationship. In such a situation you wonder what you can do to finally find a girlfriend. You can see all the beautiful women on the way, but don't dare to speak to them. And once you get to know a girl, in the end you are just the famous “best buddy” for her. Even among friends, there are often no suitable candidates for love.

Where and how should you find a girlfriend in such a hopeless situation? I used to ask myself that often on sleepless nights. At some point I got tired of it and wanted answers to this burning question: I went out and started trying everything possible to successfully flirt with women. In the beginning I made a lot of mistakes, of course, but over time I got the hang of it and was able to cast a spell over the wonderful girls.

23 hot tips on how you can finally find a girlfriend

In this blog article I want to give you my best tips on how you can find a girlfriend soon. But I will not only explain to you what you can do on various topics, but also tell you what it is better to stay away from. Because, in my experience, you can already enjoy a happy relationship if you avoid the grossest mistakes and faux pas that 95% of all guys out there grope.

The good thing: It doesn't take years, months or weeks to implement my advice. You can start making changes today. Here we go!

# 1 where can you find a girlfriend?

Many men first wonder where to get to know women. I always answer with a counter question: Where can you NOT get to know women? There are places and opportunities everywhere: in the supermarket, at the bus stop, in the bookstore or electronics store, in the lecture hall, in the pub ... Use such opportunities in everyday life, then you'll find a girlfriend all the faster.

I know it takes a lot of courage and overcoming. But you don't have to go straight to the limit and give her a salty compliment. Just say something innocuous that fits the situation and casually start a conversation with her. For example, ask: “Has the bus left?” Or “Can you recommend a good book as a present for a friend?” If the chemistry between you is right, you can take a more aggressive approach and turn the small talk into a hot flirt!

# 2 Register on dating sites for online dating

Why only address and get to know women in real life? Nowadays, thanks to the internet, we also have the option of looking for a partner while online dating. My tip for you: The flirting apps Lovoo and Tinder are excellent (and free!) Ways to find a girlfriend. Of course, after a few messages, you should suggest a date in real life so that there is no pure "pen friendship"!

# 3 Overcome shyness through everyday exercises

Maybe you are still very shy in general in life and you find it difficult to get to know girls. You can get rid of your insecurity towards people and the fear of being spoken to - through small exercises in everyday life. Start doing things that you wouldn't otherwise dare to do, such as asking strangers for directions, giving a lecture at university or finally giving the annoying neighbor next door your honest opinion.

# 4 Don't keep calling or replying to Facebook / WhatsApp messages!

Those who keep reporting to the woman quickly make themselves uninteresting. She then gets the impression that you are available to her around the clock and lead a boring life in which you have nothing better to do. Even if your fingers are itching when looking for a girlfriend: Wait with the answers - maybe a whole day. A buddy once said to me: "If you want to be accepted, do it rarely!" I remembered this saying well.

# 5 Cinema is taboo - find better ideas for dates!

Most men go to the movies on a date. I've always wondered why. You sit in the dark room and you can't look the woman in the eye. Conversations are also hardly possible without the nasty guy with the popcorn bag snapping at you a row further back. With exciting dating ideas (see article) you can make your meeting an unforgettable experience. And: You stand out from the crowd of boring guys that the girl has dated the weeks and months before.

# 6 Really true: being naughty while flirting is good!

We boys all learned from an early age that we should always be nice and polite to women. The classic gentleman who puts the world at the feet of his (future) girlfriend. But what parents and teachers have told us leads straight to bad luck - even if they meant well with their tips. Because the problem is that women find good son-in-law types dead boring. So boring that they prefer to date the rude macho guys who end up cheating on them.

My best advice to you is therefore: Bring a little pepper to the flirtation when you are looking for a girlfriend - of course without mutating into a macho man. Women love potential partners who are challenging. Start teasing her a little when you approach or get to know her and on a date, always charming and playful, of course. Just give a few irrelevant answers. This is the friction that creates heat and eventually starts the fire!

# 7 Find interesting topics to talk about on a date and ask questions

I used to sit very shy and nervous on the date and didn't know what to say to the charming ladies ... embarrassing silence included! Often the result was that they didn't get in touch after the meeting. You can avoid such a fiasco if you are a great person to talk to. Here you will find a lot of interesting topics of conversation and questions for the first date.

# 8 Touching the woman while flirting ... and kissing her later

Most guys make the mistake of establishing far too little physical contact when communicating - and end up in the buddy rail. It used to be the same for me, because I just didn't dare to touch the beautiful woman. I was just scared of a basket. But real Casanovas know: touch is important in order to establish interpersonal closeness and to create an erotic stomach tingling sensation.

Therefore, always make sure to touch the woman when you want to find a girlfriend. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be anything big at the beginning. It is enough to put your hand briefly on her upper arm or shoulder. If she doesn't back down, you can gradually increase body contact. Always remember: physical contact is the precursor to a passionate kiss!

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# 9 New styling with new hairdresser and clothes

Even if we guys aren't as careful about our appearance as women and don't stand in front of the mirror for hours: I know enough men that they doubt their visual appearance. Do I really look good enough? They keep asking themselves that. The solution is so simple: go to the hairdresser and buy new clothes. If you are unsure about fashion issues, take a good friend with you or let the (hopefully female) specialists advise you on site.

# 10 Picking up exciting hobbies as a way of making a girlfriend

I know a lot of guys who sit at home all day long in front of the PC and only go to the pub with friends on the weekend at most. I used to be one of them myself ... It doesn't seem particularly exciting to women. A fascinating leisure activity makes you much more interesting and you experience exciting and funny stories that you can later share with the woman.

Another advantage: In groups and clubs, you will get to know great fellow campaigners - depending on your hobby. When you share a common passion, you immediately have a topic that connects you. A great basis for a possible relationship! So if possible, look for a job where not only guys are around, but where you also have a real chance of finding a girlfriend. You already know what I mean: instead of paintball and whiskey tasting, I prefer theater, music or cooking classes.

# 11 How am I supposed to ask her for her number?

I used to make one big mistake when flirting: I spoke to the woman and had a great conversation - but I didn't dare to ask for her number at any point. Do you know something like that too? Then you know as well as I how bitter such an experience is. We will never find out whether she could have been the next friend or even the great love, because she has disappeared never to be seen again. There is no chance to get in touch with her again.

Therefore, my very important tip to you: As soon as you get along with a woman, you should organize her cell phone number or at least her Facebook name. And by “organizing” I don't mean clumsy asking for your phone number. Just say, in keeping with the topic of conversation, “Hey, I was going to do XY next week. Come with me! ”If you pull your mobile phone out of your pocket without being asked to type in her number, she can hardly spit a“ no ”at your feet as an answer.

# 12 Build up good humor and keep things entertained while dating

What woman wants to meet a dead serious guy who goes down to the basement to laugh? People love jokes - women in particular feel very comfortable with a humorous man. So bring the lady fun on the date - without making a fool of yourself in front of her. My tip: Always prepare a few funny stories that you can sprinkle in on the date to make the other person laugh. So she wants to see you again and may soon be your new friend!

# 13 Refurbish the apartment and tidy it up regularly

Long-time single men in particular live in unkempt student stalls: junk is everywhere and the floor crunches under your feet because you step on leftover chips. Therefore, furnish your apartment stylishly and tidy it up regularly. I know interior design isn't our guys' favorite topic most of the time. But women feel right at home in such apartments - and you are 99% of the male competitors miles ahead.

Another tip: Get a good friend or a good friend and spend a fun afternoon in the Swedish furniture store you trust. There are lots of great things there, from furniture to lamps to carpets. These furnishings not only always look fashionable, but are also available for relatively little money.

# 14 Sometimes you can go to a club alone and talk to women

Rocking out in the disco at the weekend is fun. But mostly nothing works with the girls - even if we want to find a girlfriend there. It used to be like this for me: I stood in the corner with my buddies (and a beer glass), we had a lot of fun ... but we never got close to the cute party mice. So go celebrate alone! Here you are forced to speak to other people and quickly come into contact with interesting girls.

# 15 Write funny messages on pieces of paper

You cannot address women openly everywhere, for example on the bus and train or in the lecture hall at the university. After all, you don't want to perform a real-life documentary soap in front of the curious audience around you. Therefore, slip funny messages on slips of paper to the woman to flirt with her.

One idea would be to paint a grid for tic-tac-toe and challenge them to an exciting duel. If she finds you likeable and has a sense of humor, she will certainly be happy to take on such a creative act. And the annoying people around you don't even notice.

# 16 Discard helper syndrome and "therapist mode" with "good friend"

What do I mean by that weird headline? Quite simply: Many men put their own needs aside and do everything for the loved one - they repair their computer, paint their apartment or drive their guinea pigs to the vet. And when the woman has been cheated on by her macho boyfriend again, they spend hours listening to their problems regarding the “shitty relationship” - with “Titanic” love films, tears and a large mug of vanilla ice cream.

You already guessed it: Such submissive behavior is not particularly attractive to women. Anyone who is so far is in the buddy line and is treated as best friend - not as a man ... So, from today on: You are not their craftsman, lawyer or psychotherapist! Only when you give up this exaggerated kindness will she perceive you as an attractive man and no longer just as a "good friend".

# 17 Body contact with thumb catching or palm reading

Body contact can also be established in a playful way. For example, on a date, hold out your fist with your thumbs up and ask her: "Hey, how about a round of thumb-wrestling?" The more serious variant: Take her hand and tell her that you will use palmistry to predict her future. If you have not yet mastered this form of fortune telling, you should learn it. We humans are fascinated by everything that has to do with topics like magic and the supernatural, even if we as “rational” thinkers don't always want to admit it. This is how you make her tingle!

# 18 Don't rush to dispense drinks or give expensive gifts

Most of the guys I've seen are way too submissive and put their demigoddesses on a pedestal. They keep their wallets open all the time because they are dying to find a girlfriend. I often see the guys in the disco giving the girls lots of drinks. But at the end of the evening they are still alone ... On a date, many guys pay for the meal or bring an expensive bouquet of roses that would put any flower allergy sufferer on the run.

We have all heard from parents and teachers that we should carry women on our hands. But remember one thing: Never give a woman a gift just to “buy” her love for you. The ladies quickly notice if you are a submissive guy who lets yourself be exploited and does everything for them just to win them over. You can give her a little attention if, upon getting to know each other better, she has proven to be a true dream woman, and if the mild gift really comes from the heart!

# 19 Take a singles class at dance school

I once heard the saying: Dancing is vertical sex. There is some truth to it, as I was able to experience myself in various dance lessons. So register at the dance school to find a friend! Don't worry, there are also special single beginner courses with women who stumble across the floor at least as awkwardly as we boys. The huge advantage: When you dance together, you get close to the woman immediately. If it crackles during salsa or tango, you can also ask them for a "coffee afterwards" ...

# 20 Lead an active life and address women in everyday life on the side

I notice it again and again: Many good men are completely discouraged by their longstanding single existence and have withdrawn far into their shell. Instead of actively looking for opportunities to flirt, they sit on the couch at home, hunch their backs in the office or douse their frustration with a large glass of beer every weekend. Of course, they hardly get to know women like this.

Please don't give up! I believe that if you go on a search, you are a great man and you can easily find a girlfriend. You just have to give yourself a chance. What do I mean by that? It's simple: go outside a lot, be open to people in everyday life. A little chat at the supermarket checkout or with the beautiful bakery saleswoman, the small talk at the university - there are places everywhere where you can casually address women and have fun with them.

# 21 Leave a good impression on their girlfriends

Believe it or not, girls listen to what their best friends say and value their judgment. If the girlie group of friends (including their male friends) thinks that you are unsympathetic and do not suit the lady, all efforts are in vain.So make yourself popular with her friends! They will then even confirm their friend to finally enter into a relationship with you. There is no better coupling action!

# 22 Finally closing the deal with your ex-girlfriend - off to new shores!

Many male singles start looking even though they are not over their ex-girlfriend yet. How are they supposed to find such a new partner? The new candidate is then automatically compared with the ex-girl and of course cannot hold a candle to the ex-flame. So finally finish with your legacy issues. When it comes to dating, the topic of ex-girlfriends should of course be taboo!

# 23 Last but not least, don't be too frantic to find a girlfriend

I know you really want to find a girlfriend and invest a lot of time and effort in this goal (otherwise you would not have read my article to the end). And unfortunately, this is exactly where the problem often lies:

When guys have been single for a long time, they often start desperately looking for a relationship. For women, however, this behavior has a very desperate and deterrent effect. They have very fine antennae and can feel exactly whether the man is loose or appears needy when he is being tied. Therefore, take a relaxed approach to the search for a partner and also concentrate on hobbies and friends so as not to make women the focus of your life.

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