How do I lock an iPhone?

iPhone: Turn off the automatic lock - always leave the screen on

If you put your iPhone aside, the screen will be switched off after a short time and automatically locked. If you do not want to re-enter your unlock code after a short break from your mobile phone, you can deactivate the automatic lock.

If the screen switches off by itself, on the one hand you save the battery of the iPhone. You also prevent others from accessing your iPhone if you leave the device lying around. But if you want to look at the display at short intervals, for example because you want to read a recipe or a complete game solution, we will show you how the iPhone screen stays on permanently or how you can extend the time until the automatic screen lock is activated .

Automatically turn off the iPhone screen

This is how you find the setting:

  1. Call the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Control the section Display & brightness at.
  3. You can find the option here Auto lock.
  4. Enter here after how many minutes the iPhone screen should be locked or deactivate the setting via Nie completely.

If you are watching a video, you do not have to make any settings. The lock is deactivated for media playback and for some apps.

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iPhone display should always stay on

Time periods from 30 seconds to 5 minutes are available. The setting cannot be made if the iPhone is in power saving mode. To secure your iPhone, you should only set up the automatic screen lock temporarily and remove it after your task. If you lose your iPhone, strangers have easy access to your data. If you forget to lock the screen, you will also drain your iPhone battery very quickly.

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