Why can't I be happy in life?

Why can't I be happy: thought-provoking test

t are terrible things that can happen in life. Diseases and disasters can overshadow happiness. But often they are not the big things at allthat make a person unhappy. Often it is the attitude towards life that determines whether we are mainly happy or unhappy. Without realizing it, we set traps for ourselves in everyday life that prevent us from feeling happy. However, whoever knows what being happy is and knows these traps can protect himself from sinking into sadness. In addition, quite a few relevant ailments like preventing burnout, depression and even physical ailments.

Take the happiness test yourself

If you are interested in a Why Can't I Be Happy Test, you can probably already sense that something is hooked in your life. Perhaps you suspect that your relationship, your job, or something else is behind it. In fact, you are already on the wrong track in the first step. It is not primarily a matter of circumstances, but of your opinion to. Here are 30 behaviors and attitudes towards life that can sabotage your happiness. Test for yourself how many of these attitudes have crept into your life:

30 attitudes towards unhappiness

  1. I can hardly forgive myself for my mistakes.
  2. I feel like a ping pong ball in the game of life.
  3. As soon as something goes wrong, I feel like a failure.
  4. I don't have a good opinion of myself.
  5. I always orientate myself towards others.
  6. Others are always better off than me.
  7. I feel like I'm unlucky.
  8. I am satisfied with almost nothing.
  9. I am suspicious of others.
  10. I hide my true feelings well.
  11. I can't come to terms with getting older.
  12. Everything must always be perfect.
  13. I see the negative in every thing and every situation.
  14. I often have self-doubts.
  15. For me it is important to be liked by everyone.
  16. For me it is essential that my surroundings do what I want.
  17. My partner just can't make me happy.
  18. I often talk about illnesses.
  19. I run away from problems.
  20. I listen to others about how I have to live, what my happiness is and what I should do.
  21. At work I only meet my target value so as not to attract negative attention.
  22. I cannot control my emotions.
  23. Injustice makes me feel crazy.
  24. I always want to please others.
  25. I often wonder what tomorrow will bring.
  26. It is not possible to change yourself.
  27. Everything was more beautiful in childhood.
  28. I am very resentful.
  29. Nobody can please me.
  30. My behavior does not match my thinking.

How is your happiness potential?

Have you read through the settings above? How many of them apply to you? The more you can claim for yourself, the more likely it is to be unhappy and, if nothing changes, to remain unhappy. Indeed, we often stand in our own way in search of our personal happiness.

Can I change my settings?

It is of course possible to change settings. This may not be easy: the unconsciously trained negative mindset that has been used for years is now a well-established habit. Although these attitudes are counterproductive, it is difficult to recognize them to drain. It is only natural to be afraid of the stranger. It is all the more important to consciously initiate the change. Advice like this can often be found in quotes from famous people. Whether or not they took them to heart is another question, of course, but such sayings sometimes help you to get to the heart of something for yourself.

Creating harmony from knowledge and action

You know, regular nicotine consumption is bad for your health. This is one of the reasons why you do not smoke. This is where your knowledge and your actions come together. But how about being happy? You've read the attitudes listed above that can add to your unhappiness. What to do? You have to turn this off. Even this first step, combining knowledge with action, creates feelings of happiness. However, don't be too strict with yourself.

You don't become a completely new person overnight.

Make a daily goal to change the way you approach life to become happier. Exercise is essential. Our minds respond to practice. Over time, it becomes automatic for you not to always look for the fly in the ointment. Accept that you will never be able to please everyone. At some point you will notice your own inner voice again, thanks to which you can make well-founded decisions yourself. Don't hinder yourself from being happy! Instead, get out of yourself and get out of your comfort zone. You will soon discover a new comfort zone that makes you happier. If necessary, you can also accept outside help. Regardless of whether you live in Stuttgart or in another city: From self-help groups to psychologists, there are various places where you can get help in problematic situations.


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Author - Ralf Gerhardt

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