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Contacts as a career accelerator

Good relationships are known to be worth their weight in gold. Of course, this is especially true when looking for a job. Not in all cases companies advertise to find a new employee. More than 30 percent of German employees find a new job through the placement of acquaintances and friends.

Networking means gaining sympathy, making and maintaining contacts that are beneficial in professional terms. Nothing is more promising than "vitamin B" (= relationships) to conquer a special job.

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Nothing without a plan
The networking strategy

With the right networking strategy, you can get essential information, advice, advice and support. Your career prospects are good if you know one of the key figures in your dream company or someone who knows someone ...

Of course, personal recommendation assumes that you are acquainted with the right people. You do not yet have such relationships, then you ensure that these arise - for example, by relatives, acquaintances, friends, etc. Think about whom you could appeal. Make a list. Think of all contact persons, including distant relatives, friends of friends, ex-colleagues, former trainers or superiors, parents of classmates of your children, the neighborhood.

In any case, the following applies: Take a close look at your list and first choose the people who seem most suitable for your specific project. Be open about your professional goals and ask if you could be supported.

A good contact - headhunters and personnel consultants

Headhunters look for suitable candidates for middle or higher positions on behalf of companies. This can be an opportunity, because many personnel service providers are looking for good people and look forward to (speculative) applications. Either you will be recommended or you will contact the possible headhunters yourself and discuss your concerns. The recruiter will then add you to his "card index" if he thinks you are a promising candidate.

The best recommendation - yourself

Back to your contacts. What to do if nobody recommends you Very simple: Then recommend yourself: Visit trade fairs, congresses, conferences, lectures and try to get into conversation. Your mission is to make the closest possible network of contacts.

So much information is gathered over time that it is impossible to remember everything. Do not forget to start creating a card index in good time. Write down the names, addresses, telephone numbers, employers and acquaintances of your contact persons.