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The League of Legends is an organization with the aim to settle the political conflicts in Valoran.

The league

In response to the growing physical and political instability of Runeterra, Valoran's mages - including some powerful conjurers - came to believe that the conflicts needed to be resolved in a controllable and systematic manner. To prevent another all-devastating rune war, they formed an organization called The League of Legends whose purpose should be to oversee the systematic resolution of the political conflicts in Valoran. Housed in Institute of War should the League of Legends be given authority to determine the outcome of the organized conflicts which it would wage.

Champions from all parts of Valoran joined the league and can now be summoned to the fields of execution by summoners. Most champions take part in the fights voluntarily, be it for a sense of duty, a sense of justice or the pursuit of their own interests. However, some champions are prisoners and are forced to participate.


The League of Legends is run by a high council that evaluates every champion before they are allowed to join the league.

Said high council consists of three powerful summoners. After the league's co-founder Reginald Ashram mysteriously disappeared, Councilor Heywan Relivash took his place after five years. To date it has not been possible to clarify what is behind Ashram's disappearance. However, due to a scandal in which Relivash was later involved, he was removed from his position and jailed. Vessaria Kolminye then took over his office.

In addition to being responsible for running the league, the Supreme Council acts as the highest court to challenge decisions made by Valoran's political institutions.

The factions

Champions are mostly assigned to a specific faction for which they fight. The league names eight factions that it recognizes as city-states: