How to convert CDT to PST

Convert WAV to CDT

  • As already written in another post, I bought a Thomson cassette recorder and now I would like to digitize the cassettes that I have around me.
    Have you done something like this before and if so, which tools can you recommend? I've only found CPCTapeXP so far. Seems to be nice, but apparently only supports "standard loaders" so far.

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    Then you simply rename the TZX to CDT, the structure of TZX and CDT is exactly the same, only one name has prevailed for the Spectrum and the other for the Schneider

  • Ah, great, that sounds great. I already knew about the TZX and CDTs, but somehow I couldn't find the right one. I'll try it out on the weekend :).

  • I also wanted to start making all my originals into CDTs (approx. 60 tapes) ... only the time was missing so far

    Now, amazingly, I have a regular 38 hour week !!!

    Once my 6128 is up and running, I'll start working on other "projects"

  • Maybe you can save yourself a lot of work. I have a lot of CDT's for download on my website. (The complete ADATE archive) So there are already a lot of tapes there.
    By the way, CPCTapeXP is very funny in connection with WinCPC.
    If you switch your PC to stereo mix for audio recording, you can use WinCPC to copy programs directly from disk (DSK) to tape (CDT).
    I am happy to explain more details in the chat when the opportunity arises.

  • Well ... are these the original tapes ??? e.g. from Impossible Mission ???

    Otherwise all the Firebird things like BOOTY or THRUST are missing

    Damn it, I have to find time

  • Nen ADATE Mirror I also fly around here somewhere and I'm also very happy that I don't have to re-read things like Wonderboy in Monsterland, because it takes forever and also involves changing pages (but I have it anyway played over and over again: D). There are also some programs lying around here, such as Easy Topcalc and such a programming tutorial. You could just scan the things and put them online. Hold on a look ...
    I also got AFAIK from Firebird here (was it Star Firebirds? Hmm ...).

  • Hmmm, ADATE is pretty sketchy, I just found out, no ANDROID ONE, no MONTY ON THE RUN ... not even JAIL BREAK ...

    I have to pick out all of my tapes, hopefully they'll all be okay

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    Nice that someone here also deals with cdt's. Unfortunately, the whole thing is quite time-consuming and sometimes associated with a lot of frustration. I have successfully converted some games to cdt or mp3 with cpctapexp.
    I also wrote on my homepage how it works.

  • Cash: I have an external cassette recorder that I hung directly on the PC, so that should actually work.

    @RetroMan: Yeah, there is still a lot missing.

    I once made a comparison with my games / programs and found the following, which is at least not due to ADATE:

    • Schneider presentation / Schneider applications
    • Easy Topword
    • Math Genius I
    • Escon hard copy
    • Centurions - PowerXtreme
    • Werner - do it
    • Out run
    • Road Blasters
    • Bionic Commando
    • Thunder Blade
    • Joydraw
    • Easy Topcalc

    Unfortunately it doesn't work at all with MakeTZX and CPCTapeXP works, but not 100% reliably. Tonight, for example, I read in Joydraw, it worked, with Easy Topword it just doesn't work and always generates an error on the same block. Do I have to test the correct CPC tomorrow to see if it works?

  • Quote from & quot; Octoate & quot;

    Schneider presentation / Schneider applications

    Wrong, is with ADATE ... at least I have the tape in my archive. Side A and B

    [Blocked Image:]
    Click on the tape to download.

    Edit: Here is my complete ADATE archive for all of you to browse around:

  • Oh "scs" it is. I didn't expect it to be, but all the better, then I'll save the time :).