What two things affect the voltage drop

Voltage measurement / measure voltage

A voltmeter is always connected in parallel to the consumer, component or voltage source. When measuring at the voltage source, the current voltage value is measured. At the consumer, the voltage drop across this one component is measured. This is the partial voltage of the total voltage of the voltage source.
In order not to influence the circuit to be measured, the internal resistance of the voltmeter should be as high as possible. An infinitely high internal resistance would be ideal.

When measuring with the voltmeter, the following instructions must be observed: The type of voltage, i.e. alternating or direct voltage (AC / DC), must be set. In the case of direct voltages, attention must be paid to the polarity, provided it is not a digital multimeter. The measuring range should initially be larger so that the analog measuring device does not become a pointer winding machine. This can happen when the pointer's deflection goes beyond the scale. The pointer will not curl, but the force of the rash could bend it. The subsequent measurements would then be inaccurate.

The following instructions must be observed before voltage measurement:

  1. The correct type of voltage must be selected (AC / DC).
  2. In the case of direct voltage (DC), the polarity must be observed.
  3. The correct measuring range must be set.
  4. If the measured value is unknown, the largest measuring range must be set and slowly switched to the lower measuring range.
  5. If possible, the measuring range must be set so that the pointer deflection can be read in the last third.

As a rule, these notes only apply to analog measuring devices. Digital multimeters set these values ‚Äč‚Äčautomatically. They just need to be set to measure voltage.

Overview: measuring electrical quantities

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