Maria Sharapova is pretty

Maria Sharapova 


  • Date of birth: April 19, 1987
  • Place of birth: Nyagan, Russia
  • Lives in: Bradenton, Florida, USA
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 59 kg
  • Display: right-handed woman (two-handed backhand)
  • Pro since: 2001
  • Coach: Yuri Sharapov and Thomas Hogstedt
  • Greatest successes: Wimbledon 04 / US Open 06 / French Open 12 + 14
  • Others: Australian Open 2008 / WTA Tour 2004 / Fed Cup 2008
  • Website:



Maria Sharapova is arguably the best-known, active tennis player and every marketer's dream. She can be marketed even better than Serena Williams and, thanks to her place of residence in Bradenton, Florida and her proximity to the USA, she has made the most of the opportunities to become a global brand. At the beginning of her career she was often described as the new Anna Kournikova and on the one hand she could feel honored, as most of the people attributed this explanation to her very pretty appearance. The fact that Maria looks like a top model certainly didn't hurt her either. The tennis comparison was just too absurd. So Anna made it into the top ten and was placed 8th in 2000 and even 1st in the WTA rankings in doubles, but she never won a WTA singles title in her entire career. Maria has already won their 29th and is currently number 2 in the WTA rankings and can call herself number 1 in the world.


Maria's management definitely spends more time planning activities next to the tennis court and is brimming with ideas. An own shoe collection “Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan” has been developed, a separate Nike tennis collection and of course “Sugarpova” a candy coated kiss as Maria calls it in her TV spots. Small sweets in the shape of a kissing mouth in all colors are the absolute hit. There is also a matching slogan for every candy: “the taste of victory”, “watch out, I bite”, “dive right in” or “sugar, spice and mostly nice” are the names of the colored, sweet things. The online website on which you can order the products is again used excellently to optimally present Maria's sponsors. On the site you can find Cole Haan, Evian, Head, Samsung, TAGHeuer, Porsche and of course Nike, which have very little to do with Candies. But if a tennis player manages to get other WTA players such as Sofia Arvidsson to wear her Nike tennis collection and feel like Maria herself, then you've come to the top.


Maria also knows how to stay in contact with her fans perfectly. Facebook is skillfully used to let fans know that she loves traveling by train in Europe. It's been easy breezy! She strolls through Paris, reads a French gourmet magazine or takes photos of palm trees near Tampa. Maria, the international tennis sensation, is also committed to poor children and people who don't have it as well as the Russian. She has invested a lot of time and money in her Maria Sharapova Foundation and works as a goodwill ambassador for a UN development program without compensation. She donated over $ 100,000 to the Gomel region in Belarus, which is still suffering from the aftermath of Chernobyl. She donated a further $ 210,000 for scholarships for students from the same area and added the Porsche Cayenne, won at the 2004 WTA World Championships, to the top. Despite moving to the USA, she remains connected to her native Russia, if only through her favorite food, Russian cuisine. What she likes even more than Russian food or Thai cuisine are French crepes with Nutella. At 59kg, if this information is correct, to a size of 1.88, she can still afford a few Nutella crepes.


Her father, Yuri Sharapov, takes care of her so that she stays on the ball and trains diligently and knows that her career was only possible with hard work. Maria has been trained by her father since she was 4 years old and at the age of 6 she took part in tournaments in Moscow organized by Martina Navratilova. Her father and mother Yelena put everything on one card at a very early age and got the ultimate tip on how to shape a cut diamond out of their jewel. Maria has to leave Russia for the USA. After a moment's consideration, the family agreed to this suggestion. It was a very painful decision, because unlike many families from rich European countries, the whole family could not afford to emigrate to the USA and it got worse. Due to VISA problems, mother and daughter were separated for a full two years. Even so, Maria moved to Florida when she was 9 years old and was enrolled in the most famous tennis school in the world. Now it belonged to Nick Bollettieri and his staff.


If there is enough money and space, you can design dozens of tennis courts and a camp with all the trimmings. This is what happened in Bradenton Florida, near Tampa, where tennis visionary Nick Bollettieri founded a huge tennis academy. It enabled not only the young players but also their parents to settle on the area and live there for several months. In the meantime acquired by IMG, the Academy offers tennis as well as other sports. One of the secret of success is to create an ideal environment for the young tennis player and to carry out the hard training, for which the camp is also known, on different surfaces. In Florida, in addition to Maria Sharapova, players such as Jim Courier, Brad Gilbert, Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, the Williams sisters but also the German Tommy Haas were formed into world class. The current product is called Ryan Harrison. Many in Europe have always lacked such training opportunities. The players wanted to be able to win on any surface. That is why a Boris Becker moved to Florida and became one of Bollettieri's most famous alumni. Nobody brought out number 1 players like Bollettieri. A Jelena Jankovic, a Marcelo Rios, a Max Mirnyi or the Swiss Martina Hingis, who trained there for years, emerged. Other current players from his Acamdemy are Sabine Lisicki, Kei Nishikori or Maria Sharapova.


Maria continues to play at the highest level and was again in the French Open Final in Roland Garros in 2013, where she was narrowly defeated by the US in Serena Williams. In addition to the 31 single titles and 3 double titles, she won the Australian Open once, the French Open twice, the Wimbledon once and the US Open once and thus managed the Career Grand Slam. In addition to the tennis court, she has broken all records and Marija Yuryevna Sharapova, as her full name is called, is the athlete with the most “followers” ​​on Facebook. The proud number of 8.8 million fans is unmatched and they use social media very skillfully. The tennis dress she will wear to Wimbledon has just appeared on her Facebook page and over 8,000 people have liked the post within a very short time and placed a lot of comments. On the website you can also find the category Top 10 lists, where you can find the ten books she has just read or the 10 things that annoy Maria, the 10 favorite restaurants, spas, spa treatments and so on and so forth. We are briefly stuck with the “Mango Sea Salt Scrub” which made it to number 7 and we are definitely looking forward to Maria’s appearance at Wimbledon!


Funny interview at the Australian Open conducted by Jim Courier with Maria Sharapova: