American Airlines is way worse than Emirates

Turkish Airlines has outstripped Emirates

The eyes are mostly fixed on the golf airlines. Emirates, Etihad and Qatar are perceived as the ultimate threat in Europe. Another, equally strong - if not stronger - competition is growing on the Bosporus. Turkish Airlines has increased its aircraft fleet by half in just three years. No other airline in the world flies to as many countries as the Turkish state airline.

On Friday (February 5), Turkish Airlines took over aircraft number 300 with an Airbus A330-300. The airline thus reached another milestone in record time. In March 2007 the fleet was 100 planes for the first time, in 2013 Turkish Airlines exceeded the mark of 200 planes, now there are 300 planes. And so it should go on. Turkish Airlines plans to have 450 aircraft within seven years. It is already the 13th largest airline in the world. «We are determined to have the strongest base in international aviation. The 300th aircraft is a symbol of our determination to achieve this vision and our goals, ”commented Turkish Airlines President Ilker Ayci.

Turkish Airlines also flies to more destinations than Emirates

This means that Turkish Airlines has clearly outperformed Emirates in recent years. The golf airline currently has a fleet of 250 pilots. As recently as 2013, the two airlines were roughly on a par (see graphic). In the current year Turkish Airlines will take over another 39 planes. But it's not enough to be at the top. For example, the Lufthansa Group has a fleet of 615 aircraft, Air France-KLM has around 465 aircraft, IAG 470, and American Airlines 980.

Turkish Airlines flies to 284 destinations in 113 countries today. Emirates flies to 157 destinations in 83 countries. Etihad is even smaller. The airline from Abu Dhabi serves 105 cities in 60 countries with 124 aircraft.