How do I insert on a Mac

macOS Catalina: How to insert photos from the iPhone directly into a document on the Mac

Of course, AirDrop, iCloud Drive and other functions are available, but macOS Catalina and iOS 13 make it especially easy for you. A continuity feature allows you to insert photos from the iPhone directly onto the Mac.

This is how it works - instructions for importing photos

With the iPhone you always have a very good camera at hand. Apple has been focusing on image quality for many years. Then why should you insert photos that you didn't take into a presentation or text document? There are many ways to do this. With macOS Mojave and an iPhone with iOS 12, Apple simplified the process once again.

Insert photos directly from the iPhone into a document on the Mac

Since last year it has been possible to activate the camera of your iPhone directly via the Mac in order to take a photo, which is then inserted directly into a document. There is no need to send or transfer the image separately. It is completely automatic.

How to insert photos from iPhone or iPad on Mac

To do this, right-click on a free space within the document where you want to insert a picture. Now select "Take a photo" or "Scan document". If there are several devices, then select the option for the desired device. Now take your iPhone (or iPad) at hand and photograph the desired subject. When you're satisfied, tap Use Photo. Otherwise "repeat" the recording. The photo is immediately inserted in the document at the selected location. However, you get more settings to customize the picture to suit your needs.

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