Why aren't flat flex cables the mainstream?


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  1. Amazing

    Author: Octavian 31.10.20 - 17:59

    Hmmm, Apple admits a serial bug without being forced into it through a class action lawsuit? I would have expected an explanation like "You just put it in the wrong way".

    There are still signs and wonders taking place.

  2. Re: amazing

    Author: Photo bar 31.10.20 - 20:41

    Oktavian wrote:
    > Hmmm, Apple admits a serial error without filing a class action lawsuit
    > to be forced? I would have expected an explanation as to how
    > "You just put it in the wrong way".
    > There are still signs and wonders happening.

    I can't sign that like that. A few years ago I had my MBP repaired (because of the GPU) and they told me afterwards that they had replaced the display at the same time because there was a recall for it that I didn't know about. I got a completely new device without asking for it.

    When my cable broke, they gave me a new one.

    I am completely satisfied with the service.

  3. Re: amazing

    Author: The ET 31.10.20 - 23:17

    Apple customer service gets the worst reviews from those who don't own a single Apple product.

  4. Re: amazing

    Author: cat_sun 01.11.20 - 02:03

    The ET wrote:
    > Apple customer service gets the worst reviews from those
    > who do not own a single Apple product.

    It's so. It starts with the hotline, which, in contrast to the Lenovo hotline, does not connect to the "technician" in India who, on the one hand, cannot be understood due to the accent, and on the other hand because the line rustles and cracks and is completely gone for seconds (of course only after a Deutscher recorded my address details, etc.; Lenovo did that on purpose). And for that I paid extra for an extended support + guarantee. Including on-site, which unfortunately was not possible for me for some reason.

    Of course, I'm pissed off that I had to complain about my AirPods Pro three times (3x left, 2x right), but the support process was simply exemplary. 2x via the hotline, once via Gravis. Both ways worked extremely well. When I accidentally pushed the Apple Support employee away in between (when testing the AirPods, he pushed it too hard), he called me back half a minute later. Everything great.

  5. Re: amazing

    Author: Octavian 01.11.20 - 09:18

    > Apple customer service gets the worst reviews from those
    > who do not have a single Apple product.

    Funnily enough, I even have a few. I have an iPad Air (still a very old one), an old iPhone and an iPod somewhere.

    The support people are actually nice, often even accommodating. Individual defects are dealt with without any problems (if you have paid the additional amount for the insurance).

    It always becomes problematic when Apple has built a lot of bullshit, so it doesn't just stay with a few unfortunate individual cases, but you have design flaws. Antenna gate? Defective and too short flex cable to the display? Defective displays where the coating is discolored and peeled off? Dust in the keyboard? etc.

    Then suddenly Apple is no longer so accommodating. Then it will only go further if a class action lawsuit is sought in the US.

    I thought of something like this:





    https://www.apfelnews.de/2015/07/21/apple-sammelklage-wegen- Austauschhardware-bei-applecare/



  6. Re: amazing

    Author: cat_sun 01.11.20 - 14:08

    And? Where is it different with others? Dell and Lenovo also tried to get out of the affair with me in the family when there were design flaws. As long as the warranty is still on, repairs will take place and then they hope that the device will survive the rest of the warranty period. One day later and you have to expect no goodwill.

    - Dell: With the BIOS update, the fan was set to 100% permanently, in order to save the faulty NVIDIA graphics chip exactly 1 week beyond the warranty period.

    - Lenovo: Has had problems with white spots on the IPS displays for several generations. No matter how carefully you handle the laptop. Anyone who has not paid this additional support will not get anything replaced because it is allegedly your own fault. After replacing it, it didn't take a week until I had light spots on the X230 again. I've seen something similar with other models including a much newer X1.

    But hey, you pretend Apple is alone with the serial errors. Haha. No, unlike the rest, Apple only makes it into the mainstream media. And as much as the “too little goodwill” does not excuse, just showing it to Apple is a real flat joke.

  7. Re: amazing

    Author: D43 02.11.20 - 13:44

    Yes, I can only sign according to the motto:
    "Rely on someone and you are left"

    Personally, I noticed Dell the most negatively, I only deal with Apple products professionally and therefore can't report much about it, but I guess they only cook with hot water :)

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