What is a single bond

Single, double and triple bonds of carbon

Depending on how many neighboring atoms the carbon has, it is hybridized differently and forms different bonds. He knows three types of bond in total.

The single binding is the only one that can be rotated on its own. There are three more atoms attached to the carbon on each side of the single bond. The energy of attachment is and is thus weaker than the bond between carbon and hydrogen .

In the double bond, a p-orib of each overlap -hybridized C-atom with the other. This bond will -Bond called. The binding can no longer be rotated, otherwise it would -Bond would need to be split. The energy of attachment is . However, it must be ensured here that two further hydrogen atoms cannot form a bond, which would bring a lot of energy if the double bond is not formed.
Finally, in the triple bond, two overlap -Oribtale on each side. So there are two -Bonds formed. The triple bond is understandably also not rotatable. The binding energy is . However, two more hydrogen atoms lose their binding partner again, if they were now there.