What are the Most Effective Anxiety Treatments

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Darkness, injections, dogs, strangers - children and young people can have very different degrees of fears. A team at the Research and Treatment Center for Mental Health of the RUB is investigating how these can best be treated. The study “Children cope with fear” has been running since 2015 and is now being extended; From now on, young people between the ages of 8 and 16 with anxiety problems will be admitted. Together with their families, they take part in the special therapy program “Children cope with fear”. Interested parties can contact us by email or by phone on 0234 32 27689.

Prof. Dr. Silvia Schneider, professor for clinical child and adolescent psychology, leads the psychotherapy study. As part of the offer, the participants learn how fears arise and which individual strategies they can best fight them with. In small tests of courage, they face difficult situations step by step and learn to master them. The treatments are carried out by specially trained and experienced therapists.

Therapies run successfully

229 children and adolescents have already participated in the study. The researchers would like to increase this number in order to be able to make statements on how anxiety treatments can be optimized. The aim of the research project is to examine to what extent the success of a therapy for anxiety disorders in childhood is influenced by the fact that parents are involved. "As things stand now, we can say that the therapy seems to be successful and that both conditions, with and without active parental involvement, are very well accepted by the families," summarizes the clinical project manager Michael Lippert.