What are the best apps for Chromebooks

We have already covered everything you need to know about Chromebooks in an extensive article and anyone who carefully reads one or the other official Google blog should not have missed the fact that we are, among other things, part of a Google competition. But more on that shortly.

I found Benno's article and his attitudes towards the Chromebooks interesting, but I found the discussions in the comments almost even more exciting. Many people still cannot imagine that you can do everything in the data cloud, what you do nowadays with a normal computer with Windows or a Mac.

Sure, not everyone falls into the target group for Chromebooks, but for me personally this is currently looking towards a bright future. It is the first step that shows users that in the future there will hardly be any need for local computing power, but simply a mid-range device to connect to.

I've heard the most outrageous counter-arguments, some of which are simply based on ignorance, so I want to show you a few examples of what typical Chromebook apps can look like and the best thing is, everyone can do them with the Chrome browser today try it out, since they are all pure web apps.

For me personally it quickly became clear that Office and Co. would not be a problem, as Google already offers good cloud apps in this area, but what about image editing or video editing? With things that actually need computing power and many functions? Everything is possible, but first of all, a good internet connection is a must.

image editing

There are already powerful tools for image processing, some of which rely on HTML5 or Flash. In any case, quite useful and more extensive than you first think.

Tools and useful things

If you are already using Google Chrome as your browser, you are probably already familiar with various useful extensions, which are of course also available in Chrome OS, i.e. on the Chromebooks. The number of these is already so high that everyone in the Chrome Web Store should form their own picture. Here is a small selection.


The prime discipline for the cloud, because office apps will probably become superfluous locally in the future. Not only Google, but also Microsoft already offer extensive services in this area, but other competitors also want something of the pie.

Audio and video editing

Personally, I had my biggest doubts about audio and video editing, but there are already working services. The range of functions is not as powerful as with software from Magix and Co., but you can already put the Live Movie Maker in your pocket with it.

Social and contacts

Many people from and now almost exclusively use social communities in their browser, because Facebook and Co. have invested a lot of money in their websites and their functions. But there are also very convenient solutions for services such as Twitter, which are preferred to be used via an app. Likewise for instant messaging.


When it comes to news, you basically don't need an extra app, as you can easily get it from the relevant websites. mobiFlip.de is available for example, but brings nothing more than a thick icon to the app menu. Other providers, in turn, have created special sub-pages for Chrome, the best thing to do is to take a look at the corresponding category.


Working productively is also possible in the cloud, whereby the focus is often on collaborative work. Project management and the like are very popular, but task planning is also included.

Integrated development environment and text

Developing, writing code, creating and managing texts, all of this is also possible, albeit a little more restricted than with native programs. I think there will be more to do here in the near future, since this is not my area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, you are welcome to leave further online tools in this area in the comments.

Play and fun

Yes, there is also entertainment from the cloud, and more than you think. In addition to veterans like YouTube, new services, especially those optimized for Chrome, are also spreading. The selection is already impressive. In addition, of course, all online gaming platforms will not die out, but rather experience a second spring.


Music offers existed in the cloud quite early on, because streaming services are the prime example of cloud services. Upload, partially edit, play, share, sell and much more can be done with the pieces of music. Small disadvantage, not all services can be used without restrictions in every country.

As you can see, in the data cloud you can not only consume, but also produce. At some point we will no longer ask ourselves what the PC we are sitting on has for power, but what connection to the network and what computing power is available on the connected server. I think rental models for computers and software will prevail at the same time.

Sure, it will take a long time before it really gets across to everyone and some will probably never want to go to the cloud, but if the past has shown us one thing, it is that progress cannot be stopped.

Do you have any tips for other good cloud apps? Then always bring it on!

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