How do you eat cheese professionally

Consumption of cheese protects against high blood pressure

University Park (pte / 09/18/2019 / 06:05) The consumption of cheese offsets the consequences of high salt consumption and thus protects the blood vessels, as researchers at the Pennsylvania State University (PennState) have determined . Billie Alba and her team have investigated the consequences of consuming too much salt in adults - in people who eat cheese every day and in a comparison group of salt lovers who avoided cheese. The researchers found vascular damage in the first group, but not in the second.

Between eating pleasure and risks

According to the researchers, the findings could help strike a balance between good-tasting food and minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease. “For many people it is difficult to do without salt. Eating more dairy products like cheese may be a way of maintaining blood vessel health and preventing cardiovascular disease, ”Alba explains.

Salt is vital for the body. But in excess it can lead to high blood pressure, for example. The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. That corresponds to just under six grams. 1,500 milligrams would be better. Sodium is one of the two components of table salt, which has the chemical name sodium chloride. Chlorine is the second.

Cheese neutralizes dangerous molecules

Together with Lacy Alexander, the two experts examined eleven subjects. Each received a certain food mix for eight days: 1. Little sodium, no cheese. 2. Little sodium, lots of cheese. 3. A lot of sodium, no cheese; and 4. A lot of sodium and a lot of cheese. Little sodium in this context means 1,500 milligrams, a lot of sodium 5,500 milligrams. The total amount of different types of cheese was 170 grams.

After the “no cheese, lots of sodium” week, risk factors for cardiovascular diseases had become apparent, says Alexander. These did not occur after the “lots of cheese, lots of sodium” week. Large amounts of salt create molecules in the body that are dangerous for blood vessels, the researchers found. Dairy products could neutralize these molecules so that they do no harm.