Is there training before hiring

New hires and apprenticeships with short-time work

New hires
Even in economically difficult times, companies need new employees, for example due to staff turnover. For companies that have applied for short-time work, however, there is a special feature to be observed. Because before hiring, the employment agency has to be contacted, which has to approve the new hiring. This is possible despite short-time working if there is an important reason. This is the case, for example, if the company lacks a specialist who is indispensable for the continuation of operations.

Training and taking on junior staff after completing their vocational training
Companies can also conclude new training contracts at any time during the indicated short-time work. The employment agency's approval is not required here. This also applies in the event that a trainee is taken on from another company during the apprenticeship period.
Young professionals can also be taken on shortly after completing their vocational training, without additional coordination with the Employment Agency. In these cases, the companies only issue a supplementary declaration in the monthly settlement of short-time work that the total number of employees has increased due to the takeover of trainees. Young professionals who have been taken on after their training or studies can be included in short-time work from day one.
This peculiarity when taking on apprentices after completing their professional qualifications is explained as follows:
By training young people, employers invest in the future of their company, for which they urgently need specialist staff. It is therefore of fundamental importance to keep the next generation of skilled workers in the company even when there is short-time work. In order to support companies, there are different provisions here. The aim is to ensure that junior employees remain in the company, even if the order books are not yet full or business operations are still subject to restrictions due to the risk of corona infection. Because one thing is clear: After the Corona crisis at the latest, we will all be concerned with the subject of the shortage of skilled workers. "
Companies that have questions about hiring new employees during the announced short-time work or are looking for new staff can contact the employer service of the Celle Employment Agency. This also gives the necessary approval for new hires.

The employer service can be reached by phone at 05141-961-888 or 0800-4 55 55 20 by email at [email protected].
Of course, the eService is also available at