Can I restart an iPhone?

iPad / iPhone Restart iPhone X - How to Force Soft Reset


If your iPhone X has hung up or is running very slowly, a forced restart or soft reset can help. Since the newer iPhone models of the X series do not have a home button, the tried and tested soft reset method has been changed. You can read how you can force a restart in our tips + tricks.

Here's how to force restart iPhone X.

Either your iPhone still reacts and you can restart it by switching off the device, or the device no longer reacts at all and you have to force a restart. We cover both cases below.

Step 1:

If your device is still responding, hold the on the iPhone X on the right Side button as well as the left Quieter- or Volume up button pressed until the controller "Turn off" is shown.

2nd step:

Move the slider "Turn off" to the right to turn off the iPhone completely. If the device no longer reacts, you can force a restart. First press the Volume up key and release it again. Then press the Volume down key and release it again. Then press the right side button and hold it down until that Apple logo appears. Your smartphone will now restart. If the "Turn off"Slider has appeared and the phone was shut down this way, press the iPhone's right side button until the Apple logo appears and the device restarts.