Amazon really makes our lives better

Our story: what can become of a garage idea?

From a garage company to an innovator - Amazon has done a lot in the last 20 years. We are already working this morning and want to support our customers and partners in using the "future of opportunities". Together we shape the future in Germany. Here you will find a review of the Amazon history.

In 1994 Jeff Bezos started from his Seattle garage. He derives the name from the Amazons, the longest river in the world, to symbolize the large selection. "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies" was the title of the first book sold. The buyer still owns the book today, as does the original packaging. In the garage company of that time, an old door served as a desk, which later became the symbol for the Door Desk Award.

At the end of the 1990s, Amazon came to Germany: The German website went online, the first offices were opened in southern Germany and the logistics center in Bad Hersfeld was opened. Gradually, new sales divisions such as DVD, video, music and electronics are added. The Amazon logo has been smiling since 2000 - from A to Z.

Inventions can have a wide variety of shapes and dimensions. The most radical and significant inventions are often those that enable others to develop their creativity - to make their own dreams come true.
Jeff Bezos, founder of

In the years that followed, Amazon continued to expand its range and, with Amazon Prime, realized the vision of making fast delivery the standard. The company thus remains true to its motto: Everything starts with the customer! Since 2002, third-party suppliers have also been able to offer their products for sale via Amazon.

Since 2007, every book around the world has been available within 60 seconds with the Amazon Kindle. Thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing, everyone can now publish and publish their own book. In the following years, more logistics centers were built in Germany, the headquarters moved to Munich Schwabing and Amazon Studios began to develop great entertainment from ideas and scripts.

Amazon is expanding its various services. There are now four major categories: customers, dealers, creative and business. From now on customers can read on paper with the Kindle Paperwhite. But the employees are not neglected either: In 2012, the Career Choice training program was launched.

The 14 Leadership Principles describe Amazon's DNA and motivate employees anew every day. With the help of the innovative spirit of the employees, a new era dawned for Amazon and its customers in 2014: Thanks to voice control, technical devices can be integrated even better into everyday life.

The developments are progressing in great strides: The first Amazon series receives several awards, the first German Amazon series goes into production, the Middle Mile is being expanded, making same-day delivery possible, and a drone is being delivered for the first time in England used and much more.

The Amazon logistics network is growing and growing, and research and development is becoming an increasingly important part of the company. In 2017, Amazon set another milestone in Germany and, after Amazon Prime Now, is now introducing Amazon Fresh for digital weekly shopping. With AmazonSmile and digital.engagiert, Amazon is expanding its social commitment in Germany.

Customers will always want low prices, prefer fast deliveries, and love a wide selection. Choice, price and availability are essential customer needs.
Jeff Bezos, founder of

For the first time, Amazon is supporting with the funding program Future entrepreneurs explicitly women in founding and expanding their company. Artificial intelligence research is being promoted and Amazon is entering into a partnership with the Max Planck Society. New logistics, sorting and distribution centers start operations in Germany.

In 2018 will be 20 years old. We look back on a great journey and look forward to an exciting future.