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Posted: 04/15/2007, 7:57 am Title: helix itches

Hi guys!
I had a helix or anti-helix piercing on Tuesday (some say that, others say that ) get stung.
the piercer gave me a slip of paper with the care tips and so on. and it said that I should do octisept and tyrosur 2-3 times a day on the spot. habsch until now always well done ^^ only now it starts to itch sometimes. But it can't come from the plug because it's "real" ^^.
is the itching coming from the healing process or from one of the two things (octisept / tyrosur)?


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Written on: 04/15/2007, 12:40 pm Title:

this is the "healing process", don't panic.

mine itches now, after a jar again, but always after it twitches again, ...
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Posted: 04/15/2007, 2:04 pm Title:

if this itches only now, then it is determined by the healing process. However, you should be careful if it itches for longer, i.e. longer in one piece, because the cartilage may then be inflamed. but that will probably not be the case with you, if this is still so new. if that looks otherwise ok.
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Posted: 04/16/2007, 5:47 pm Title:

yes I would also say ... it is still a foreign body and your body has to get used to it first ... wuir the cure ... otherwise you can test if you spray / smear octi or tyro somewhere else ... it itches there too ... then it could be an allergy ... but without a rash we like that .... rather not
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