How do you report a false identity

Identity Theft: Consequences of Data Stolen Online and Tips


Your data has been fished and your identity has been misused by third parties. The intuitive reactions to this scenario are usually resignation, despair, or perplexity. Here is some advice you can take to prevent further harm:

Change your passwords

If the fraudsters have acquired your email address and the associated password, you should change all login data as soon as possible. This is how you prevent the fraudsters from accessing your online accounts again. Choose different passwords for the individual services. You should also be careful to use strong passwords; H. combine lower and upper case letters with numbers and special characters to form the longest possible sequence.

Block bank cards and accounts

If you know or suspect that strangers have gained access to your bank details, inform your bank and have cards and accounts blocked. Otherwise, you give the scammers free rein to create new accounts on your behalf or to empty your account.

Delete externally created posts

Remove content that third parties have posted on your behalf on social media and other platforms. Change your password beforehand so that the scammers cannot spread false articles again. Inform your virtual friends and followers about your "bad doppelganger" and warn them against interacting with the foreign content.

Report fraud attempts and cases

If you have fallen victim to a false Amazon e-mail, inform the online mail order company about the phishing attempt and, if necessary, have your account blocked. If you have exposed an email from your bank as phishing, report the scam and protect other customers from it. Finally, contact the police and report them there.

Secure yourself for the future

With an insurance you can travel online with a good feeling. The INTER CyberGuard provides you with comprehensive all-round protection, because it combines financial protection in the event of a claim with competent expert advice.

If you have not yet been a victim of identity theft and would like to continue to do so, our 10 tips for protection against phishing will help you.

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