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Logo: Google, Photo / Montage: Nowadays users have a large selection of messaging services. There appears to be a short message service for every conceivable purpose. In addition to Facebook and Co., Google also offers its services in this regard. The focus is on possible applications in the field of video conferencing and business-oriented use. You can find out exactly what makes the Google Hangouts service so special here.

Availability and requirements

The application from Google is of course available for both iOS devices (from iOS 10) and Android devices (availability varies depending on the device). The application via the web browser is also available, not only for Google Chrome, but also for Firefox via an add-on.

If you want to use the service, you need a computer or smartphone and an internet or data connection as well as a Google account. The service is free for all platforms and operating systems.

For detailed information on the availability of Google Hangouts, see Google's website. Google Hangouts
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The most important functions

Google Hangouts basically fulfills the function of a group messenger. The functions of the app are primarily geared towards gathering more than two people digitally on a topic. In the so-called "Hangouts", users can exchange messages, pictures and other files. Friends who can be added in the application or who are already connected to the Google account can thus enter into group or individual chats.

Of course, users can fall back on the now indispensable emojis and text decorations, which the competition from the industry also has in its portfolio. Users don't have to do without the ever-popular GIFs.

However, the focus is particularly on the optimal implementation of conferences. Up to 10 users can take part in video calls at the same time (up to 25 people for the business and education versions), while Hangouts for the exchange of messages can have up to 150 participants.

Delete a Hangouts account

As with all apps that are installed by the user, Hangouts can also be easily uninstalled. However, if the app is pre-installed, as can be the case with some Android devices, the only option is to log out of your own Google account in the app settings.

A Google Hangouts account cannot be completely deleted, however, since Hangouts is only part of the Google account. Deleting the Google Hangouts account is equivalent to deleting your own Google account.

To do this, users have to go to the "Data & Personalization" area in their Google account. You can then select "Delete service or account" in the "Manage data, services and account" control field. Finally, this only needs to be confirmed by clicking on "Delete my account".

Data protection

The topic of data protection has been a contentious issue at the Internet giant Google for a long time. In addition to the server location in the USA, the disclosure and evaluation of personal data for advertising purposes has also been a cause for concern among consumers in the past.

In addition, Google does not offer users of its messenger end-to-end encryption, which is to a certain extent indispensable for secure exchange. In this point, Hangouts is clearly behind the competition, which allows its users to a large extent to encrypt the exchange. Overall, a question mark must be placed behind the security of the service.

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