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Printing from the mobile phone: This is how it works with the Android smartphone

For wireless printing, however, the printers must provide at least one wireless interface such as WLAN, Wi-Fi or NFC. Printing from abroad is also possible via e-mail. For this purpose, the printer can also be integrated in a cable network with an Internet connection. We would like to show you a few possibilities.

TIP 1: Check if your preferred printer prints wirelessly at all

If you bought a printer before, it might not have been a premise to print wirelessly with it. Therefore, one should research in the manual for the printer or online whether the preferred printer model can also be operated in the WLAN. If the printer can be operated via WLAN, it can also receive print jobs wirelessly from Android phones or tablets. In order to print via e-mail, the printer must be network-compatible. When printing e-mails, it does not matter whether the printer is wirelessly in the WLAN or via a network cable in the LAN.

TIP 2: E-Mail to Print - printing from abroad via e-mail command

In the meantime, after the pioneer HP, Brother and Epson also offer this printing option for network printers. The setup of this print function differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but is based on the same principle. You register the printer with the respective printing service and receive a fixed e-mail address for the printer. An email is then sent to this address with the documents or photos to be printed as an attachment. The prerequisite for printing the attachments is that the printer is switched on and connected to the Internet. Some print services also allow intermediate storage until the print job is picked up at the notified printer.

Here are the Internet links to HP, Brother and Epson with the setup information for printing by e-mail:

TIP 3: Use the Google Cloud Print app for Android devices

Anyone who is on the move with Android mobile devices can also print photos and documents directly from the Google Cloud (Google Drive). To do this, you need the Google Cloud Print app. It is either preinstalled on your Android device or you can get the free app from the Google Play Store. In addition, your printer must support printing from this cloud. You may have to activate the printer for printing from the Google Cloud. To do this, the Android device and the printer must be in the same WLAN. Then you can open the corresponding document or photo in the Google Cloud and select the option using the three dots in the top right corner Call up print. Then select the appropriate printer and set any printing options you want. Then confirm the button To press for printing. Proceed in a similar way if you want to print from other cloud storage services. Of course, you must first make sure that your printer supports these storage services.

TIP 4: Print documents and photos wirelessly via the NFC interface

If your mobile device and the printer support the NFC (Near Field Communication) standard, they will recognize each other almost blindly from a short distance. However, you have to activate some functions on the smartphone or tablet. In the settings under WLAN, the function Wi-Fi Direct to be activated. You also (of course) need the functionNFC set to active as well as the Pear-to-pear function allow. Usually these functions are in the Other settings to find. Now you still need the appropriate printer app on your mobile device.

For NFC-compatible Brother printers, for example, the Brother iPrint & Scan app. You can find this free of charge in Google's Play Store. Then hold your mobile device without a protective cover with the back against the NFC marked point on the printer. At the first contact, the devices automatically exchange information with each other about which device you are dealing with. Incidentally, this is an advantage because you don't have to install any printer drivers on the mobile device. If after a short time your smartphone or tablet reports that the printer has been recognized, the corresponding printing app will also be started on your mobile device. Now you can start printing by selecting your document or photo on the mobile device, setting the appropriate parameters for the output from the print settings and starting printing.

TIP 5: Wireless printouts using print applications in the WLAN network

Only the span of a WLAN network determines the distance to the printer if you install special printer apps on your mobile phone or tablet. Every manufacturer offers this free of charge for its WLAN printer fleet. There are also cross-manufacturer apps from third-party providers, which, however, usually only cover the basic functions of the print settings. In addition to the printer manufacturers' free printer apps, there are also manufacturer-specific variants for the business and office environment. A salary usually has to be paid for these apps, or paid subscriptions are due for several users or for certain periods of time. So always read the additional information about the apps so that you don't get caught in an unnecessary spiral of costs. Because for private use, the free apps in terms of functionality and the possible print setting options are usually completely sufficient for your own wireless photo and document printing from mobile devices.

TIP 6: There are a few more tips to keep in mind for wireless printing

When printing cell phone photos wirelessly, you should make sure that the photo is available in the correct print format on the cell phone. Smartphones in particular save photos in formats that do not correspond to the standard photo paper formats. So it can happen that at the edges in height or width suddenly motif details are missing on the printout. Therefore, if possible, set the correct image format in the camera settings in the smartphone, or cut it to the correct size with a photo editing app. For example, the aspect ratio for borderless prints on paper formats 10 x 15 cm or 13 x 18 cm in the mobile phone should be 3: 2 (portrait) or 2: 3 (landscape). Also make sure that the right paper in the correct format is always available in the printer.

The apps of some printer companies

Almost all printer manufacturers offer special printing apps for wireless printing from Android phones and tablets in the Google App Store. Here are some links from well-known manufacturers:

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