What are the chakra colors and why

The seven chakras and their colors

There are times when we are unbalanced, have a lump in our throats, or have a heavy weight on our chest - it feels like the energies in our body are out of tune. In the yoga tradition and Hinduism, these are signs of blockages in the 7 chakra system, which describes the energy flows in our aura.

The system of the 7 main chakras was recorded in scriptures over 4000 years ago. Fortunately for us, because normally the spiritual traditions are passed on exclusively orally and in secrecy. Even today, the chakras play one of the greatest roles in spirituality and the work that goes with it.

What is a chakra?

The chakras are energy centers in our aura that move like a vortex in circular shapes. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means "circle" or "wheel". The task of the chakras is to supply people with energy. These energies are expressed, among other things, in thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. However, a chakra can be blocked by negative experiences, which leads to physical and psychological problems. Only when all chakras function properly and together do we feel balanced and healthy.

The seven chakras

There are numerous small chakras located throughout your body, but the most important main chakras are these seven:

The root chakra

At the very bottom of your spine, connected to your feet, legs, bones, colon and adrenal glands, sits the root chakra. Just like the roots of a tree, this chakra should ground, firm and stabilize you. If the bright red chakra is blocked, you could suffer from anxiety, restlessness and procrastination, for example.

The sacral chakra

Between the base of your spine and your navel sits the energy center, which is responsible for emotions, sexuality, fun and creativity. The chakra in a strong orange is connected to the bladder and kidneys, the reproductive organs and your circulatory system. Do you have emotional problems, an unbalanced libido, or prone to compulsive behavior? Then the flow of energy in the sacral chakra could be blocked.

The heart chakra

This chakra is associated with the color green and connects the lower and upper parts of all chakras. This is where love, kindness, and compassion solidify. Because it is connected to the heart, lungs, and thymus glands, blockage can cause weak immune systems and problems with the lungs and heart.

The throat chakra

As the name suggests, this energy center is in the middle of the neck. This is where we decide how we communicate and how we express ourselves and our creativity. Writer's block or problems in communication, such as shyness or loquacity, are an indication of blocked energy in the chakra associated with the color blue.

It also has a connection to the thyroid gland, your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

The third eye chakra

The third eye, also known as the third eye, sits between the eyebrows. As a connection between body and mind, it allows our spirituality to grow and shows us the way to a positive humanitarian approach to life. Pay special attention to the healing of this chakra when you are distracted or feeling insignificant. The color indigo can help you with this.

The crown chakra

This chakra sits like a crown in the color white (with traces of purple and gold) over the top of the head. It connects you with your divine self and with the universe - it is the chakra of your personal destiny. It is connected to the cerebral cortex and the central nervous system and determines information, acceptance, satisfaction and understanding. If blockages arise here, psychological problems, such as a feeling of senselessness, can arise.

The colors of the chakras and their meaning

It is actually not entirely true that chakras have colors. But why are they still associated with them? Chakras are centers that transmit their energy with the help of vibrations. These vibrations in turn resemble the frequencies of the colors in the light spectrum, because colors are created by refracted light and have their own waves and frequencies. It could also be described as the energy of light. People who have the talent can perceive the frequencies of the chakras as color. But even if you don't belong to them, the visualization of the colors can direct your focus to the respective chakras.

What effect do the colors of the seven chakras have?

It is known from color psychology that the different colors have a special effect on a person's well-being and emotions. When you look at a photograph or a painting, the colors play a big role in the appearance and meaning of the image. The color of the walls in our living rooms can also have a very strong influence on our mood and therefore play a major role for professional interior decorators. Companies also use color theory to evoke certain emotions and sell their products.

If you are aware of the effect of the colors, you can actively use them for your well-being.

This is how you work with the chakras in your body

While reading, did you try to feel the different chakras in your body? Or did you recognize some problems in describing the seven chakras that also play a role in your life? All problems in your life can be traced back to blockages in the seven chakras. These are diagnosed and treated in a chakra therapy. But professional help is not always necessary for this: You too can open, cleanse and activate your chakras with a few tools. These include, for example, yoga, aroma and color therapy and meditation.


Chakra meditation is one of the most important methods of releasing blockages and working with the 7 chakras. Guided meditations are particularly suitable for beginners - we can recommend these, for example:

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  • Chakra meditation for more energy from happy, holy & confident

Healing with colors

In order to lift you into the frequency of the desired chakra, the use of the respective colors is the best option. Surround yourself with the colors, wear them on your body in the form of your clothes or eat food in this color. As with a lover who sees everything through pink and red glasses, you can also immerse the world around you in bright colors: so-called chakra glasses make it possible.

As a particularly active and creative healing, you can even use painting pictures with the hues of the chakras. Concentrate on the area in your body where the chakra lies while you intuitively bring the colors onto the paper.

Healing stones

Healing stones are natural minerals that can have a healing and supportive effect on people. There are innumerable types and colors of the crystals, to which just as diverse positive effects are ascribed. The following basic rule applies to working with chakras: choose the stone in the matching chakra color. If you include them in your meditation, hold them in your hand, look at them or decorate your apartment with them, they can support you in releasing blockages and help you to get rid of all your problems.


The colors and symbols of the chakras as decoration are not to be looked at beautifully, but can also support you in working with blocked chakras. The colors of the respective chakra are particularly important. When they surround you, you move into the respective frequency of the chakra and it becomes easier to focus on the area in your body. Buy flags, wall tattoos and wall cloths, use the right choice of wall color or set accents with pillows, flowers, pictures or curtains. Stick to the color scheme and there are countless ways to decorate your home with a focus on the seven chakras. So that you always have the healing power with you, tattoos or jewelry with healing stones are also a good idea.

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