How did Beatlemania become so intense

How do you become a Beatles fan?
Strawberries tell their experiences ...

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Billy Shears       ... on a cold December night in 1973
Sexy Sadie       Do you really want to know?
Denny Wingman       I dont know
Sun       I already knew the Beatles as a child, but I'm only 15
Felina       ... so I've always known the Beatles, so general knowledge
Mrs. Kite       it took almost a year before I came to my senses too
Mr. Flaming Pie       ... when I somehow heard "All my loving" on the radio in 1987 ...
Simon Hudson       It was around Easter 1976. I was 10 years old
caitanja       Sometimes I ask myself how it all happened ...
Eleanor Rigby       It's been a long time
Xenia       My parents made me do it
Dietmar       I heard west radio
FenderSquier       It was Mardi Gras 2002

... and prudence, Lovely Rita, Lemon, Rickenbacker, Rockopa Peter, David, Burkhardt, Ussel79, Nowhere Girl, Andy, maisa, Crazyelwood, Falk, Fritz, Hannah, Mine, Frosch, Sevena, Taxman & Jimmy Page

When: February 10, 1975
Where: In the living room in front of the TV
Why: "Help!" ran on ZDF

Lovely Rita
I became a Beatles fan about 16 years ago. It was the fault of my music teacher in elementary school. We talked about the Beatles in class. I've been a fan ever since. My favorites are John and Paul. In April I was at the Paul McCartney concert in the Kölnarena. It was really great !!!!!

Well, I wanted more than YESTERDAY and then I got HELP! bought to have YESTERDAY and even more ... I became a fan in my room ... summer in 2000 ...

Through the Bravo

Rockopa Peter
... I hardly want to tell you anymore:
... by seeing them live 15 times in their Indra, Kaiserkeller, Top Ten, Star Club time (Hamburg - St. Pauli) - finally counting them exactly - together with other English bands of later world fame ).
But it is also written somewhere (in part) in the features.
*) The complete story by Peter "The Roaring Sixties and the Beatles - They'll never come back"

At the tender age of 13 I was infected by the Beatles virus from my music teacher at the time.
She, herself a fan, played a few songs for us at school and we sang them too, and I was immediately enthusiastic.
I knew we had the red and blue albums at home and found these two albums and loved it.
My first CD was "Sgt. Pepper", and since then it has finally happened to me

I had known who the Beatles were for a long time, but the "debacle" only really started when I got a cassette recorder instead of an inflatable boat in 1975.
Because the Beatles were a famous band, I decided to collect their songs. But collecting quickly became a passion that never let go of me.
... there would still be sooooo much to tell.

Well, it started for me more than 14 years ago .. In music class we "had" to sing Let it be and Penny Lane! I was absolutely thrilled and pulled out my parents' red album. Then I first bought Help, then Please please me and then the white album and so on ... A beautiful art print is also left over from that early period!

Nowhere girl
We'd studied the Beatles at school and sang some songs in music class. I loved the songs and soon afterwards I got my first Beatles cassette.
In between all the records and tapes are a bit dusty because I had other musical interests, but since the beginning of this year I've been totally into the Beatles again.

I became a fan through "1", which I bought for my birthday using a CD voucher. Must have been like that in November 2000.

I joined the Beatles in 1997. My father gave me the LP "Sgt.Pepper" and with the first note on I was in "Beatlemania" - since then I haven't let go of John & Co.. At the time, too "Flaming Pie".

When I was very little in the 70s, I knew the old singles; later when I was 14 I got the blue album; what changed my life;
at some point i saw "hard days night" 13 times in the cinema; I tried to learn the guitar; became john lennon fan; have large collection; and i read your stories with great pleasure

I got a taste for the Beatles when I was very little. Because my father is one too and owned almost all the albums. So you just listened to the music and watched the films. But I became a conscious "fan" from the anthology!

When I was 11 I got a songbook (Rockballads).
In there were Michelle, Yesterday and Hey Jude.
These names meant nothing to me.
Then I asked my father if he had it.
He played it for me and I was thrilled.
Then I bought Abbey Road and Please Please Me.

When I was a student in 1974 - the Beatles seemed light years away for many classmates - "A Hard Days Night" caught me on television. Already about 2 years earlier I had become aware of George's "My Sweet Lord" and the "Concert of Bangla Desh" video that was shown on "Disco" by Ilja Richter. George with a beard (only 28 at the time) looked very old to me as an 11-year-old.

April 1998, shortly before my birthday: I think Dresden ... some CD shop in Neustadt. That's where I fell in love with Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) of all people !! Ringo is just awesome! So I came to Anthology2, then red and blue album ... then the rest
it's like a drug, but you won't get sick of it !!

In 2000 my father gave me the Beatles "1" CD. I listened to them a few times and immediately thought the songs were great, it was such a special feeling when I heard them. Suddenly I heard them day in and day out and couldn't get enough of them. I got sick and when I got back to school, the music teacher said I had to give a presentation, and since he forgot me, I could choose my own topic. I didn't think twice and immediately chose the Beatles. The CD I got motivated me to do so.
I became more and more interested in the Beatles. And here I am.

Until a few months ago I wasn't interested in the Beatles, I only knew 2-3 songs.
In February I borrowed the red and blue albums from the library because I had to write something about the Beatles for school and within a few days I became a fan. In the meantime I have listened to all the Beatles albums and read many books.
From the red album I liked the most:
I want to hold your hand
All my loving
Can't buy me love
When I heard the blue album, I thought I had rediscovered music, most of all I was fascinated by STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a mother and she in turn owned a Beatles CD (the red one with the yellow 1 on it) which she often turned on. That wasn't strange, but suddenly the little girl went a little bit (Beatles) insane. A few years later, the mother showed the now not so little girl a film. That wasn't strange either, but: The film was called "A Hard Days Night" !!! And if it is surprising that the little insane girl suddenly became even more insane !? Then the little girl read "a few" Beatles books, listened to a few more Beatles songs and went to Beatles websites. The rest is history and gets me to where I am now.

So for me it was Hans Rosenthal's fault. I grew up as a child in Berlin (West). On Sunday mornings my parents always listened to the program "Das klingende Sonntagsrätsel" on the radio station RIAS 1, with Hans Rosenthal as the presenter. In this program (which always lasted about 1 hour) pieces of music were played and you always had to remember a certain letter of the interpreter or song title to be guessed. All the letters together then resulted in the answer, which you could then send to RIAS and win a prize. So very simple, as usual in the old, cozy radio days (which unfortunately are probably over forever).
One Sunday my father and I sat together in my children's room in front of the radio and tried to put together the answer. Back then (I was around 9 or 10) I didn't have the slightest idea about music, but I was always proud when my father knew the title and found out the next letter.
And suddenly a title was played that I liked immediately, but of course I had no idea who it was or what it was called. But my father immediately said: "These are the Beatles". And the title was "Yellow Submarine".
My father was obviously glad that I liked this music and he immediately went over to the living room to his record cabinet and took out his "Sgt. Pepper" album. After the show he put the record on and I was thrilled. It didn't take long before I bought my first own Beatles record.
Today I know that Sgt. Pepper is not necessarily the typical entry into the music of the Beatles (at least not for a 10-year-old child). But it was like that for me back then ...

Jimmy Page
so I can sketch it like this
around 1999 - There was an excerpt on television in which the Beatles "played rock n roll music" - I started playing the guitar - My mum gave me a Beatles songbook - I heard that a Beatles CD was coming out soon.
2000 - I bought the CD "1" at MÜLLER and listened to it up and down - my favorite track at the time "Day Tripper" - next CDs "The Beatles feat. Tony Sheridan" and "Beatles Live at the BBC"
In the course of time then all other albums.
That's how I became a fan!