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Opponent analysis: Everton FC

On Wednesday you will receive the blue rivals from your own city, Everton FC. The Toffies have been trying to attack the Big Six phalanx for years. Here you can find out whether they can succeed this year and what awaits the Reds. An analysis:

For years the club has tried to position itself as a serious competitor for the international places. One tries to do this mainly with expensive transfers. However, one regularly forgets that a team also has to grow together, which is difficult to achieve in the blue part of Liverpool due to the large number of transfers every summer.

Squad: Many potential regular players, hardly top level

This summer they brought in some promising players again. Alex Iwobi came from Arsenal, Fabian Delph from Manchester City. Jean-Philippe Gbamin came from Mainz and was supposed to replace Idrissa Gueye, who had migrated to Paris, in the defensive midfield. In addition, Andre Gomes was signed on after his loan, with Djibril Sidibe a new right-back with an option to buy. The supposed top transfer was that of Moise Kean. The teenager came from Turin for almost 30 million euros and is considered one of the greatest storm talents in the world.

In addition to the already mentioned gueye, only players who have already been loaned out or players who have hardly played a role in the last year have been given away. That is why most of the experts agreed in the summer that the squad is stronger than last year and that the 12 points that were behind sixth place could well be made up.

Trainer: Marco Silva - the perfect firefighter, but also a long-term solution?

Last season 22 points after 13 games with Everton, 21 points the year before after 13 games with Watford FC, the year before 17 points in his first eleven games at Hull City. So you can definitely say that Silva got off to a very good start in his respective stations in England.

The problem is that this good start has not yet been preserved anywhere. At Hull he got only four points from the last seven games, at Watford from the following eleven games only five points. And at Everton, too, the balance sheet after the good start is devastating, with only 49 points being scored in 38 games. With this point yield you would have ended up on average in the last five years in the Premier League in tenth place and far from the actual goal of attacking the big teams.

There are now increasing rumors that Silva will soon be released if the results do not improve. The win against Southampton was vital for Silva, had you not won this game, he would probably not have seen the international break as a coach at Everton.

System: Massive defensive bulwark in Anfield

Usually Silva lets play in a 4-2-3-1. The full-backs are very offensive, especially Lucas Digne on the left repeatedly joins the attack. His crosses are very precise, which also makes him Everton's regular free-kick taker. In the defensive midfield, a more defensively oriented player (Delph or Morgan Schneiderlin) usually plays alongside an offensive player (Gomes or Tom Davies). Thus, the system can also become a 4-1-4-1 depending on the situation.

As a rule, one tries to show playful approaches. If you use last season's game in Anfield as a benchmark, you should, however, choose a more defensive approach in the derby, in which the offensive scenes should come about through quick switching rather than through phases of possession. At that time Liverpool had over 70% possession, but Everton also had some dangerous scenes, especially in first half.

The last game at Leicester City was the first time this season with three center-backs in a 5-4-1. This was mainly due to the fact that no trained defensive midfielder was available. However, since this worked very well for 70 minutes, this list could also be used on Wednesday.

Form: international breaks as a blessing and a curse

After things went very well at the beginning of the season with seven points from four games, the first international break came with a break. Between the first and the second international break, they lost all four games. Since the second international break, things have been going much better again. In the four games up to the third break you could get seven points again.

The last game break also changed the Trent completely. The two games against Norwich and Leicester were lost. If everything stays in rhythm, Liverpool needn't worry.

Player to watch: Mason Holgate - Legitimate successor to Jagielka?

Holgate has not had it easy for years. He is considered a huge talent, but was able to show it far too rarely. For the last second half of the season he was then awarded to the second division to West Bromwich Albion. There he was able to establish himself as a regular player in a very short time, but as a right-back. After his return, the question was whether he could play for Everton and if so, in which position.

This question should now have been clarified. After he was hardly used in the first games, he was allowed to start the last three games before the last international break. Here he was most recently preferred to defender Michael Keane.

His strengths lie in the opening of the game. He's not embarrassed about going forward, has an excellent eye for his teammates and the necessary technique to play the decisive passes. He is also quite fast for his height of 1.87 meters. He has weaknesses especially in positional play, here you can still clearly see his lack of experience. As experience grows, Holgate can become a modern school central defender and the defense chief Everton has been looking for for years.


Everton will give Liverpool the ball, but will also press it very high in phases. It will therefore be very important to act cleanly in the build-up of the game in order to let Everton get into pressing situations as rarely as possible. You should also avoid standard situations. Everton is the team with the most headed goals after Liverpool, which is mainly due to the heavily kicked standards by Digne and Gylfi Sigurdsson.

On the offensive, one should try to take advantage of the not always perfect coordination between the central defenders and the defensive midfielders. Above all, the two central midfielders and Roberto Firmino are asked to keep pushing into these gaps and creating dangerous situations from this area.

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