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Mosquito and tick spray at Stiftung Warentest: Two products hardly help at all

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Julia Maehner

Summer not only brings sun, flowers and joy, but also sucking vermin. Stiftung Warentest has tested 14 sprays and combination preparations against mosquitoes and ticks. None of the tested insect repellants achieved the top rating. Two are even rated "poor" and hardly help at all against the small animals.

Repel mosquitoes and ticks with sprays

There are few sounds worse than the high-pitched hum of a mosquito at midnight; also known as the seventh circle hell sleep disorder. And of course, after every excursion into the countryside, the body must be meticulously searched for ticks. Because such parasites not only use our blood, they can also transmit diseases such as meningitis, Lyme disease or malaria.
For the test by Stiftung Warentest, six people voluntarily (!) Exposed themselves to mosquitoes and ticks in order to test the products. We will then show you which tested sprays and combination preparations are effective against mosquitoes and ticks.
Mosquito and tick protection test winner: Stiftung Warentest result (05/2017):

The best mosquito and tick repellants from Stiftung Warentest

Test winner "tick protection"Test winner "mosquito and tick protection"



Anti-hum tick stop spray 150 ml

Protection Plus from Autan 100ml



approx. 20 euros

about 5 euros

Overall rating

Overall rating

good (1.8)

good (1.7)



Very effective against ticks and mosquitoes

Very good combination protection against mosquitoes and ticks, affordable price



Unpleasant smell


Most popular shop

Most popular shop

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Test winner tick protection: Anti hum tick stop

With an incredibly good rating of "very good" (0.8), the tick repellent Tick Stop scores from Anti Brumm in terms of tick protection. According to the Stiftung Warentest, the spray also repels mosquitoes "very good" (1.2), while handling, declaration and textile protection were each rated "good". Only health does not seem to keep the remedy so high: Anti Brumms Tick Stop may not only irritate the mucous membranes and have allergenic potential, but also annoy you and your fellow human beings with a clinical odor. However, it must be mentioned here: None of the sprays came out beyond "satisfactory". The value of the tick spray is therefore quite common. Overall, the anti-tick repellent from Anti Brumm received the overall grade "good" (1.8). A 150 ml bottle of Anti Brumms Zecken Stopp costs around 20 euros on Amazon.

Test winner combination preparation against ticks and mosquitoes: Autan Protection Plus

Protection Plus from Autan also protected the brave test subjects from insect bites. Like the anti-tick spray, the combination agent also repelled mosquitoes and ticks very well, even with identical values. Otherwise, the test results coincided with those of the Anti Brumm spray. Nevertheless, Autan did better in the "Health" category: While Anti Brumms Ticks Stop was rated "satisfactory" (3.4) due to smell and allergenic substances, Autan achieved a school grade of 2.8. Autan is also significantly cheaper: the 100 ml bottle costs only around 5 euros on Amazon.

Two sprays fail to protect against mosquitoes and ticks

The insect repellent spray from the Zedan brand was rated "poor" by Stiftung Warentest in terms of both tick protection and mosquito repellent and therefore failed in the main discipline. Noskito’s intensive protection agent against ticks also only protects "satisfactorily" against ticks and only "adequately" against mosquitoes. The two test winners, which we present to you below, show an exemplary "very good" in both categories.

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