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Refrain from pathos in business condolences

Business condolence

Business condolence

Writing business condolences requires a lot of empathy, so it is not always easy to find the right words. Business condolences are even more difficult to write than condolences to friends and family because you didn't really know the deceased or loved ones. At the same time, you have to show sympathy and remain authentic. Ultimately, one would like to convey a comforting feeling to the recipient in a business letter of condolence and show that he is not alone in these difficult hours. The following tips and hints are designed to help you find the right words for your business condolence letter. Use simple, honest and, above all, your own words for your feelings and avoid pathos. Don't make it sound like a pompous business letter. Do not exaggerate on the emotional level either, but find a pleasant balance between sympathy and honesty. To do this, choose formulations that are not overly dramatic, but sober but not indifferent. Before you start writing your business condolence letter, you should always keep in mind what you want to express with the letter:

• Expressing that one has learned of death.
• Show concern.
• Giving consolation.
• Appreciate the deceased.
• Expressing that the deceased will be fondly remembered.
• Offer help.

In short - no philosophical treatises

Don't use hackneyed phrases like “life goes on” and don't digress unnecessarily, but keep it short. Also, opt out of religious messages in business condolences if you are unsure whether loved ones are believers. However, if you know exactly that it is a religious family, then Christian words of condolence can offer comfort. The same applies to the choice of quotations. Choose only quotations that you can identify with and avoid philosophical treatises and excessively long poems.

The external form of the business condolence letter

It is important that the business condolence letter is handwritten with fountain pen on neutral notepaper. In any case, avoid using a business letterhead and make sure that the paper is of a better quality than traditional copy paper. No company logo or the like is desired on a business letter of condolence. Beige, light gray or white are available as colors for the letterhead. Please also bear in mind that the envelope with the black border is an absolute taboo. Because this is only reserved for relatives, as it serves to inform others about the death of a person. Similarly, window envelopes are not a good idea for a business letter of condolence. Choose a good quality envelope for writing.

Put the company in the background

The business letter of condolence is not a business letter in and of itself, so you should put the company in the background for once in this situation. Because at that moment all business considerations are to be postponed and not relevant, and the company should show that it also has a human side and is not just a production and sales location. The death of an employee or a relative of the employee is deeply moving and takes place outside the business level. And a traditional rule of European culture says “De mortuis nihil nisi bene”, which means how one should only say good things about a deceased person. Grief is something very personal and also individual. Everyone treats it differently, so it is not appropriate to guess or state how the person is feeling. It's speculation and that's how it should be phrased.

• I can only guess how great your pain is and how deep your grief is.

Likewise, you shouldn't rate a suicide or tragic accident. Bereavement cards can help loved ones come through the grief and make them feel less alone.
Appreciation of the deceased
It is also appropriate to express an appreciation for the deceased. These can be special character traits or professional successes. Often companies emphasize the friendliness of the employee in business letters of condolence or point out their extraordinary achievements and commitment to the company.

• With your father, we have not only lost a committed employee, but also a clever advisor and friend.
• For many of us, Mr. Müller has become a reliable, loyal colleague. We find it difficult to let him go.
• The death of your father is a great loss not only for you, but also for (name of company, club, group).
Words of comfort in business condolence
You can also find comforting words in a business letter of condolence, either from literary texts of philosophy or lyric texts by well-known or unknown authors. Christian condolences are also available for religious members.

We don't just want to mourn,
that we lost him
but be grateful
that we had him.
The latter is not called death
but resurrection.
And in the end not loss
but eternal perfection.

The only one
Important things in life
are the traces
of love.
That we leave behind
when we go away.
(Albert Schweitzer)

Expressing Condolences Offer your condolences in a business letter of condolence indicating that you regret the loss.

• I deeply regret this loss and express my sincere condolences to you.
• We will miss your mother. We will always cherish her memory.
• My compassion belongs to you and your loved ones.
• We want to convey our sincere condolences and condolences to you.
• We express our deepest condolences to you on the death of your husband.
• It was with great regret that we learned of your wife's death today.
• We feel and grieve with you.

Sample business letter of condolence

Dear Ms / Mr (Name),

We were shocked to learn that your husband / wife has passed away. I would like to express our condolences to you, also on behalf of all employees. In such a difficult time, it is important to stand together - this makes it easier to deal with the grief. We wish you a lot of strength and support from your family, relatives and friends for the coming period. If we can support you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are happy to try to assist you and help you. With sincere participation