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Brussels beer tour & tasting

Belgians have more than 1000 types of beer! How do you not get lost in choosing the best? Which one and why do you have to try? What is special about Belgian beer? Your local beer guide will reveal all the secrets! You get to know the brewing processes. You will be shocked to find out how many liters of Belgian beer brews per year. What makes Belgian beer culture so unique that it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

You will visit the popular Brusells beer bars. You will try 2 unique beers and you will definitely find your favorite one.

You also have an open air tour with the professional guide.

Vilnius Catacombs Tour

Visit the place where one of the most beautiful historical women in Lithuania is buried

Go to the crypt of one of the most powerful and famous Lithuanian leaders

See special features of the house cellars in the old town

Let video projections transfer you to a certain period of time

Experience a three-dimensional hologram - an allusion to a valuable and lost relic.

You will visit 4 locations selected by the guide:

Cellars of the Cathedral, St. Cross (Bonifrati Church), wineries of the amber galleries, cellars of the J & M Šlapeliai Museum, St. John Street Gallery and the Jewish Culture and Information Center
• During this tour you will burn ~ 382 kcal

Riga's Central Market Tour & Tasting

Legends and stories abound within the walls of the old Central Market building. You will learn how this market became the largest and most modern market in all of Europe.

Your guide will tell you how the Central Market pavilions were used during World War II and tell you what the purpose of this building was in Soviet times. You will also see interesting cellars of the market and the places around it.

At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to try various delicious Latvian dishes: fish, cheese, meat, special jams, drinks and much more. You will also discover interesting and unexpected product combinations.

Warsaw beer tour & tasting

Beer has had a major impact on Polish folklore. It has been brewed for over a thousand years. Did you know that Poland is the third largest beer producer in Europe? The local guide reveals many secrets while hiking in the center of Warsaw. You'll hear interesting stories and shocking numbers.

What is special about Polish beer? How do you not get lost in choosing the best? Which one and why do you have to try? Your local beer guide will reveal all the secrets! You get to know the brewing processes. You visit Warsaw's popular beer bar. You will try 12 unique beers and you will definitely find your favorite beer. The beer creates stormy debates, inspires open discussions and playful games.

Singing Dublin Walking Tour

Do you want to feel like in a musical? We offer a unique experience to explore Dublin in a fun way. Professional singer - the local guide tells the story of Dublin through song. You will learn about some of the most famous old-time songs in Dublin.

The tour begins in the gardens of Christ Church. You go down to Dame Street. You visit Dublin Castle. Do you know which song represents Ireland's struggle for independence?

We then continue down Dame Street and meet Dublin's most famous daughter. Do you have any idea, could it be? She will teach you a world famous song.

You will visit the most famous music theater in Ireland, the Olympia Theater. Do you know what one of Dublin's most famous musical ballads is?

There is a song dedicated to emigration to the new world. And there's a perfect place to talk and sing about it. Can you guess where

You will end up in the heart of Viking and medieval Dublin. What happened to Dublin when the "Black Death" reached it ?!

The best of Dublin on foot

Discover the best of Dublin! Why was the city called (Black Pool) (Dubh Linn)? How were the Vikings connected with it? Enjoy fascinating architecture, history, events and stories back to the origins of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. Dublin has so many great places, each with their own fascinating history. During this tour we will also pass many dark places that will either leave a smile on your face or come as a complete surprise.

See the 18th century Parliament House and Trinity College, Ireland's oldest university. Before moving through buildings, streets and alleys with their own exciting stories on the way to Dublin Castle. What is so special about Chester Beatty Library? What is special about the medieval St. Patrick's Cathedral? How old is Christ Church Cathedral?

What is the story of Bram Stoker and his Dracula? Where do you find the knights and the ghost?

We do not go inside the property during this tour.

Mystical Brussels Tour with Tasting

Every city has its own secrets and mystical places. Discover a different and exciting face of Brussels! An experienced and charismatic guide will reveal secrets hidden in the streets of Brussels. The guide is local so you can easily find the special, unknown places in the city. Do you know where the city's birthplace is?

Why is the river underground? You will see the old city walls, towers, churches, the Grand Place and the Coudenburg Museum. The professional guide will lead you into the mysterious underground streets. Did you hear the magical story about the rabbit? Do you know why Brussels chicken eaters are called? You will hear all the answers on the tour. You will also hear funny stories and legends.

You will learn about Belgian food history. Would you like to try the best chocolate in town? The guide will lead you to the right place. What about the original Gueuze or Krieek beer? It has to be tried in Brussels! Chocolate and beer tasting is included in the tour.