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Remanufactoring as an office trend: use office furniture for longer

The topic of sustainability is not limited to renewable energies, mobility or agriculture. The idea of ​​doing business in a sustainable way goes much further. It is also important to balance social, ecological and economic aspects in the furniture industry. In the area of ​​office furniture, this means that we have to weigh up between new acquisition and renovation of the existing furniture in the office. As experts in office equipment, we have dealt with the remanufacturing trend and would like to apply it to the context of office furniture. In this article you can read why the remanufacturing of office chairs and other seating in the office in particular has great potential.

Industry as the origin of remanufacturing

The idea of ​​preserving what already exists brings to mind a model that currently determines the actions of many areas of society. We want the needs of future generations to be secured. Looking ahead to the preservation of vital resources such as air and water, a foresight is required that challenges mankind to rethink.

The modern answer to this requirement is remanufactoring. The idea of ​​remanufacturing originally comes from industry and includes the process of repairing products after their usage cycle. Objects are restored to their original state so that they can be used again. This special type of processing is used in many areas. Remanufactoring scored as an innovation in the automotive industry. The principle of creating something new from things that have already served their purpose is in principle possible in any context - remanufacturing also makes sense in the office, in order to refurbish certain furniture in a targeted manner.

What does remanufactoring mean in the furniture industry?

In the area of ​​furniture, remanufactoring is particularly about appreciating and maintaining the existing furnishings. Whether it is seats or tables - once they are getting on in years, we tend to dispose of this furniture and replace it with a new one.

The special character of some furniture results from their history. You have served us faithfully over many years. That is precisely why we should give the furniture the chance to survive, provided that it makes economic sense. Remanufactoring advocates not disposing of furniture, but rather refurbishing it for a second period of use. From old to new - remanufacturing is one of the concepts that advance our society.

With attention to detail, wear and tear on furniture can be repaired efficiently and with numerous advantages as part of remanufacturing. The objects that their owners have grown dear to their hearts shine in a surprisingly new shine. Remanufactoring focuses on the reconditioning of chairs. By replacing seats, upholstery and other materials, the life of the seating furniture is extended by a further period of use.

Remanufactoring in the hall seating

As part of the hall seating, remanufactoring is already enjoying great popularity. When it comes to seating in cinemas and theaters, the topics of fire and fire protection are omnipresent. Remanufactoring makes it possible to meet these requirements while at the same time guaranteeing that seat capacity is maintained.

Girsberger: Our partner is an expert in the field of remanufactoring

The manufacturer Girsberger revolutionized the concept of remanufacturing in the context of the furniture industry. The idea of ​​giving the furniture a second useful life is particularly effective when it comes to seating, as worn, defective or soiled parts can be specifically exchanged during refurbishment. At the same time, the essence of the seating furniture is retained. The focus of the Girsberger company is therefore on the conscious preservation of chairs and other seating furniture.

As experts in office furniture, we therefore see potential in remanufacturing - especially for office furnishings. Whether in the conference room or at the desk - seating furniture accompanies us constantly through our everyday work. Due to the regular use, office chairs and other seating furniture in the office wear out accordingly. In this case, the option of remanufacturing is worthwhile

Sustainable and ecological solution to renew the seating furniture in the office.

We will show you why the targeted preparation of office chairs and other seating areas in the office has enormous potential for the optimal renewal of the corresponding office furniture.

Why office furniture should be reconditioned

It pays to jump on the success story of remanufacturing in the area of ​​office furniture. A driving factor of immense importance is sustainability. But there are also many other reasons for consciously and purposefully refurbishing the seating furniture in the office in particular. New upholstery and new backrests - remanufacturing is a very useful solution for giving office seating a new life. If it is high-quality, technically functioning goods or designer pieces, processing makes sense. Processing is also advisable for furniture that has been custom-made and is made of real wood.

Sustainability as a success factor

The question of how the resources of our environment can be conserved in the office area is extremely topical. Because also with regard to the working atmosphere, seating furniture in particular should only be replaced by a new purchase if it is absolutely necessary.

  • By letting the old shine again, you save energy and help to reduce CO2 emissions. Wood, the main raw material in the manufacture of furniture, can thus be saved efficiently.
  • Even with seating furniture that is made from materials other than wood, remanufacturing offers a sustainable option compared to purchasing a new one.
  • With the renovation of office chairs, you score positively in terms of your image and are a dignified role model for your employees with regard to environmental friendliness.

Have the courage and reconsider the disposal of seating elements in the office - remanufacturing makes it possible. If you refurbish office seats when necessary and when they are worn out, instead of disposing of them, you reduce the burden on the environment.

Remanufactoring makes your office furniture durable

Remanufactoring offers you the unique opportunity to get the greatest possible added value from the existing office furniture. If there are signs of use such as coffee stains or worn-out fabrics, renovating the office chair can help: Worn upholstery and backrests can be replaced with little effort. This allows you to maximize the life of the seating furniture in the office.

Maintain the authenticity of your office furniture

Are your rooms in the office equipped with high-quality designer pieces that bear an individual signature? Don't risk losing these unique items. This doesn't just apply to office chairs. High-quality office furniture creates an individual working atmosphere. By refurbishing this furniture, you will be able to maintain the familiar environment in the workplace that you appreciate. The refurbished individual pieces shine in new splendor with the usual functionality.

Thanks to the renovation, the seating furniture is full-fledged and comfortable again. Once purchased, you know how long you can expect your office chairs to last. You are spared the search for a high-quality alternative to purchasing a new one. By choosing a new color concept and new upholstery, you can modernize your office chairs with as little effort as possible. Despite the new look, the seating furniture in the office impresses with the usual advantages.

Remanufactoring gives your seats new vitality - for office chairs that are comfortable and professionally renewed.

How does the refurbishment of office furniture work?

With remanufactoring, the seats from your office are prepared with the greatest care in the workshop of our renowned partner Girsberger. The typical process takes place in the following stages:

  1. Dismantling: The renovation takes place in the workshop. In order to prepare the office furniture, it is first necessary to disassemble it into its individual parts.
  2. Carpentry: This is where a lot of work is carried out that is essential for the second period of use of the office furniture and chairs. This includes removing old varnish and layers of paint with a sandblast: Your furniture is then bare and ready for the next stage. Anything that is defective is replaced and anything loose is glued. The chairs are also sanded down.
  3. Metal construction: The specialists use the most modern machines and tools to carry out welding work of all kinds.
  4. Assembly: The prepared individual parts are reassembled: the seating furniture regains its shape.
  5. Upholstery: Here the furniture is covered with textile. The following applies: The right upholstery ensures optimal comfort.
  6. Paint shop: Whether transparent, glossy or matt paintwork: A professional and high-quality paintwork gives the seating in your office expressiveness.
  7. Delivery of the revised furniture to you: You can use the chairs again immediately after delivery.

We at mw bueroplanung from Munich are enthusiastically committed to new trends in office furnishings. Are you interested in the remanufacturing process or would you like to know whether a targeted refreshment of the chairs in your office is worthwhile? We would be happy to advise you and look forward to your message.