What's for dessert on Thanksgiving

7 dishes for an American Thanksgiving meal

Don't be afraid of turkey and pumpkin!

Thanksgiving is the most important family celebration of the year in the United States. Thank you for friends and family and sit together around a big dinner. The focus on the traditional turkey and the numerous other delicacies is often very pronounced - asking for a second look is part of good manners and nobody would think of putting on tight trousers for a big family dinner.
So that you can also enjoy this culinary tradition, we have put together a few typical American Thanksgiving dishes for you. Do not panic, with our planner for stress-free celebrations you will get the most important dishes easily prepared and served on time, even without years of practice. The effort will be worth it!

No Thanksgiving without a turkey. The star of the dinner is a juicy, tender bird, which also tastes just as good the next day with leftovers.

Brussels sprouts have been making a comeback on our tables for several years now, and rightly so: they are easy to prepare, versatile and brimming with flavor!

Potatoes of all kinds are always welcome on the Thanksgiving board. This recipe can be prepared in portions or in large quantities in a baking dish.

A classic Thanksgiving dish, you'll just love the combination of green beans and fried onions. Plus, this dish is really incredibly easy.

The obligatory bread basket is of course passed around at every Thanksgiving table - even better if it is filled with warm, cheese-filled popovers!

Pumpkin pie is a classic, and for good reason - respect tradition!

Thanksgiving with just one cake would be incomplete. You need at least two of these, and this one is especially delicious!

Published on November 18, 2016