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STEM professions

Overview of the apprenticeships

Electronics technician for industrial engineering

1686 vacant apprenticeships

Electronics technicians for industrial engineering install, maintain and repair components for electrical energy supply, automation technology and in industrial operating systems.

Dual training | School education

Industrial mechanic

1519 vacant apprenticeships

Industrial mechanics are the experts when it comes to the construction, maintenance, repair and operation of machines and production systems - in almost all areas of industry.

Dual training | School education

Mechatronics engineer

1218 vacant training positions

Mechatronics engineers assemble electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic components into one system. They also install, maintain and repair the systems and devices.

IT specialist specializing in system integration

1160 vacant training positions

IT specialists specializing in system integration plan and configure networks. To do this, they network hardware and software components and instruct the users. They also identify malfunctions and errors and correct them professionally.

Automotive mechatronics technician

640 vacant training positions

Automotive mechatronics technicians maintain, inspect and repair passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles and upgrade them.

IT specialist specializing in application development

858 vacant training positions

IT specialists specializing in application development design software projects and implement them in a professional and user-friendly manner. They also train users to operate applications and programs.

Dual training | School education

Cutting machine operator

832 vacant training positions

Cutting machine operators process materials such as steel, light metals and plastic with the help of computer-controlled machine tools. They pay attention to the greatest accuracy and care.

Dual training | School education

Machine and system operator

741 vacant training positions

Machine and system operators work in production facilities in almost all branches of industry. They master the operation of highly complex production machines and systems, maintain them and monitor production.

Dual training | School education

Pharmacy technician

495 vacant training positions

Pharmaceutical-technical assistants - also called PTA - work in pharmacies and in the manufacturing pharmaceutical industry. They advise patients on prescription and over-the-counter medicines, produce medicines themselves and settle accounts with health insurers.

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