Are zombies stronger than humans


At Zombies, mainly "Biters"called, they are resuscitated human corpses, but no zombies rise from their graves, so they are not zombies of the classic kind.


To become a zombie, a person has to die. Since everyone carries the virus, death, natural or unnatural, makes you a revenant. However, the brain must not be damaged in the cause of death. If so, the body will not be awakened.

People have been infected in ways that have not yet been clarified, which keeps them alive after death. The infection enters the brain through the brain stem and causes brain death (Fig. 1). After "human" death has occurred (Fig. 2), the time it takes for the corpse to return varies. Times from three minutes to eight hours have been recorded at the Center for Disease Control. In the case of Jim or Bob, however, it takes longer.

During this period the person dies and the brain functions cease. After a while, the brain stem reanimates again (Fig. 3). The rest of the brain, in which the personality of everybody resides, remains dead. Only the urge to "eat" is strong and forms the basis of the undead's existence.

A final annihilation is only given by destroying the brain or starving the zombies, they become weak until they are on the ground and can no longer get up. Their bodies rotting badly and relatively quickly.


  • fever
  • chills
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomit
  • Pale skin
  • Dilate pupils
  • stomach pain
  • delirium
  • soreness
  • Sweats
  • Dehydration
  • Glassy eyes
  • Tumors
  • Pus formation
  • Hypersensitivity to touch

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The zombies crouch in vehicles or on the streets and are indistinguishable from "real" dead people. Only when they smell something do they move and pursue their prey surprisingly quickly. If a zombie's attention is drawn and he is moving in a certain direction, other undead can join him. To speak of a "herd instinct" here (although this happens several times in the series) would not be appropriate, since animals actively form a herd to offer each other protection. The animals are aware of their own position and function in the herd - this is certainly not the case with the "zombies". This can best be compared with an aggregation, several "individuals" come together on the basis of their own interests (here: eating) towards a common goal (here: living person). The more zombies go in one direction, the more join the group. If one of these groups is several hundred zombies strong, it is referred to (incorrectly here) as a zombie herd. It is still unclear why herds are formed more often at times.


  • They respond to light in the dark.
  • You hear loud noises and move towards it.
  • Zombies transmit a virus that causes a high fever and is deadly.
  • As long as the brain stem is intact, the zombies cannot die.
  • They distinguish the living from the dead based on their smell.
  • They react more to agile victims than to those who make them noise, but most of all they react to direct visual contact.


Skills in Season 1 and Webisode 1 only:

  • Zombies can remember simple activities (picking up objects) [1][2]
  • Zombies can use blunt tools[3]
  • Zombies can run[4]
  • Zombies can try to open doors[5]. (The decomposition process seems to play a decisive role here. The less strongly decayed a zombie is, the easier it is to carry out higher actions.)

Basic skills / characteristics

  • Zombies can't drown
  • Zombies can't suffocate
  • Zombies sometimes fail to recognize a living when a dead zombie is lying on the living.
  • An undead's head can exist without a body (with the body becoming motionless when separated

Robert Kirkman is reported to have said that the zombies that survive understand a little faster than the others. He thinks there is still a fight of the fittest - even among zombies.[6]



  • Zombies can move normally with a broken neck.
  • If you cut off their arms and lower jaws, they are no longer able to eat or even kill.
  • Zombies starve to death just like living people, it just takes a lot longer for them.
  • Zombies learn by copying.
  • Up to now (as of: 6th season episode 03) it is not known whether the virus works in animals, but so far it is certain that it does not work in small dogs and frogs.

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