What are the uses for microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths - the new cleaning trend

Microfibers are specially woven, finest fibers that have a large surface area and can absorb a lot of dirt. When using these “miracle cloths”, cleaning agents can be largely dispensed with. Using microfiber cloths instead of disposable cloths saves money and at the same time creates less crap.

Advantages of microfiber towels

Microfiber fabrics consist of thin, artificial fibers such as polyester, polyamide. Due to their small size, the fibers can penetrate the smallest pores and clean them thoroughly without using cleaning agents. The microfibers mechanically loosen dirt from surfaces and absorb the dirt particles. They are an environmentally friendly alternative because less cleaning agent is needed and therefore less chemicals end up in the wastewater. They also have health benefits because detergents can get on your skin or be inhaled. In the worst case scenario, there will be an accident due to swallowing. This can be very dangerous, especially for toddlers and children.

Do not use detergents

The microfiber cloths are available in different sizes and for a wide variety of applications such as for the floor as a mop, window cloth or wiping cloth for furniture - there is the right cloth for the right surface.

  • Faucets on wash basins, tiles and mirrors shine like new again with slightly damp microfiber cloths, i.e. dipped briefly in pure water and well wrung out. Water stains and light limescale deposits can be easily removed with dry microfiber cloths.
  • An acidic cleaner based on acetic or citric acid helps against heavy limescale deposits.
  • The windows are best cleaned with water and microfiber cloths as well as rubber squeegees and allow the sun back into the house unhindered. Chemical glass cleaners are not necessary.
  • There are also floor mopping devices that can be equipped with reusable, because washable, microfiber cloths. In contrast, pre-impregnated single-use wipes are often soaked with cleaning chemicals or oils. These disposable products often leave streaks or a sticky film that attracts dirt even more. They make a lot of waste and are expensive and therefore undesirable in environmentally friendly households.

additional Information

The information sheet "Cleaning without chemicals" from DIE UMWELTBERATUNG provides information on the correct use of microfiber cloths.